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Mac and Cheese?

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Mac and Cheese fattie? Anyone make 1?-I am sure someone has.I did a search and went through 18 pages and couldn't find anything. Just thought it sounded good. Ground sausage-cooked noodles-cheese-rolled up and smoked. any links would be cool.
Thanks Jack
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That does sound good. I can say I do not recall anyone here making one, but someones got to be the first to try. It might as well be youicon_mrgreen.gif. Fatties are only limited to ones imagination.
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Damn, that sounds like an amazing idea! If you end up trying one make sure to give a good cheesy Q-view!
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I recently made a chili-mac fattie. It turned out great. One suggestion I would make...only par cook the pasta. It will continue to cook in the juices while on the smoker. Good luck!
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I can give you a recipe of a jalapeno mac and cheese that is killer. It is stand alone though.
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jalapeno mac and cheese Fattie

jalapeno mac and cheese I would love the recipe-jalapeno mac and cheese fattie, I quess I will have to try 1.
Thanks Jack
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me too lets see that recipePDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Ohhh a mac and cheese fatty?! Now that sounds awesome. I remember when I first saw deep fried mac and cheese at a bar. At first I thought that's got to be nasty, but then I tried it. Dang, that was good.

I'd make sure it's good and thick.
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Anyone make a deep fryer attachement for a UDS? Heck I'm serious! tongue.gif
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Mac & cheese sounds good as a fatty filler.... Let us know how it comes out.
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