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Baby Back Ribs - Help

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I am trying to get the membrain off my baby back ribs and it it not working at all HELP!!!!

getting PO'ed and about ready to bag it.
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What are you having problems with? If you can't get a good grip on it try using a paper towel to grab it with.
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is it possible that the membrain has been removed?
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yes it could have already been removed-if u can't see it or get a grip on it it prolly has.
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You should be able to tell if its been removed. Should be very smooth when you run your finger across it. Like teabear said, if it is there, try getting a hold of with a paper towel. Start at the edge with a table knife and try to get under the membrane a bit to get something to work with. I know sometimes they can be a pain to get off, my last one was real bad and I almost said "screw it", I'll leave it on. But managed to remove it after a bit.
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what does it look like
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The pictures are real small but it appears to me that it has been removed already.
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It seems like when i am trying to pull it is fat that is coming off not a clean thin layer.
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I don't know, to me it looks like its still on, but the pic is small and my eyes are old, well older anyways LOL. Do you have a photobucket account? Its free to sign up, takes just a few minutes and you can post some BIG pics. Does that side have a smooth surface? When you pull the membrane off, the surface looks kinda rough. Slide that knife right under the edge, just below the surface, and stick it in about 1/2", then pry up. If you use a good amount of force and the knife does not break thru, I'd say its still on there. If it tears thru, then it may have been removed. Baby backs usually cost more too when they are sold with the membrane removed, the additional cost for the convienence of having it taken off. What did you pay per pound for these? Also, this may seem like the obvious, but I have seen it on the labels where it will say "membrane removed". Check it out.
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I can't tell by the picture.

I searched this term on youtube "removing rib membrane" and this was the first result thought it might help
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hey vasmoke1981,
the best thing i have found is a pair of catfish skinners, they look like kinda like pliers you can find them at wallyworld or a high end tackle/baitshop.
hope this helps.
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Looks like its on still from what I can tell. I would take a sharp paring knife and run it under the membrane and one of the bones. Then take your finger under it to get it loosen up. Then if you are successful then take a papertowel like dawn said and try to remove it.
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I had ribs from Costco come with the membrane off.

If all you're getting on your knife when scrubbing the bone side is fat, then you can bet the membrane has been removed already.
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I got BBs from Sams the other day with the membrane already removed. If you can't grap an edge and pull it off with a paper towel.... then it probably isn't there. This was the first time I've gotten them like that and I was confused.... but my way of thinkin is... if the membrane is so thin and tender I can't get hold of it to pull it off.... it'll be fine for eatin.
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I/my family have eaten lots of ribs with the membrane intact. I actually never heard of removing it until I joined this site.
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I agree.
Rub your knife or spoon along the bone.
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