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I used 1tblsp per pound with brine

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I sliced up about 4.25 pounds of beef yesterday. Then I measured out 4.25 tblsp of TenderQuick to ad to a brine. The brine consists of mostly my BBQ sauce(ketchup based,sweet sauce), a small amount of teriaky sauce, and some worchestire sauce and water. Now I just read for bines I should use 1 cup TQ per 4 cups water...Is that correct?

If it is I'm pretty lucky because last batch I did 1tblsp/lb in a brine.

edit: It is still in the brine so if someone with more knowledge thinks I should add more TQ please let me know.
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I would consider a brine a bucket full of brine solution to soak the meat in. That would be one cup or TQ to 4 cups of water. I don't think thats what your doing. If what you have is a concentrated amount of seasonings in a bag with the meat... I'd say stay with the 1 tablespoon per pound. That is what I would do with jerky anyway. Just enough of your seasoning to coat the jerky well and leave the water out.
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I don't think I would add more now.Seams that dry rubs are 1TBS.per pound and Brines are more.Not sure how much more but it's written down somewhere.I'm doing a Canadian bacon right now and the TBS. per pound and 24 hrs per 1/4" comes into play@ 33*- 40*.The nitrites in tender quick are to be used with caution .dry rub ,brine all have very exact measurements and temps to follow.The jerky I make around here never last long enough to find out about shelf life..All the best.Bill
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It's really hard to answer that without knowing how much liquid you are brining in. Even though the cure acts as a preservative, it's mainly use in jerky because of the extended time for the meat to smoke and dry.
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mortons recipes with tender quik or sugar cure PDT_Armataz_01_36.gifcall for you to rub 1 tbl per lb in meat--
let sit 2 hrs----rinse off with water---pat dry--
the rest is up to you
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I know, they really should consider adding some to their directions.
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I use MTQ for curing my jerky and I use TBS per pound + 1/4 cup of water for each pound. I do not rinse the jerky when finished and it turns out great. Nice flavor. I base all my jerky flavors off of the above basics.

I would like to add that I marinate for 8-10 hours, or 4-6 hours with vac sealer.
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you know in 20 years I have never used a "cure" when making jerkey. I have made it in an old smoker made out of a dishwasher and with a dehydrator, and I don't think its nessasary. first it is a very thin cut of meet (abvout 1/4" or less) second you are drying it in about 170 degree heat. at that thickness it is over 140 degrees in no time and the rest of the cooking/smoking process is to remove water from the meat.

I end up making 10 to 15 batches a year (darned kids go throughg it like its candy).

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i read somewhere

add 1tb. per 5lbs of meat-- for brine it's 1tb per gallon
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