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Cabellas dehydrator

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Stimulated the economy today.Commercial 80L dehydrator $ 329.99 list got it on sale along with an internet $ 20.00 coupon for $209.99 Also picked up their meat mixer list $ 149.99 on sale for $99.99 along with another $20.00 internet coupon for $ 79.00 I could not resist.
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sounds like a good deal to me. Cant wait to see what you produce with them.
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Dang good deals congrats to you!!
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Good deals, where did ya find the coupons?
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The picture are not showing up on my endicon_wink.gif
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We had one of those dehydrators in the food lab at the university, works great. Dried fruits/veggies/jerkey. One student even used it for a tempering cabinet for gummie candies. I once used it to dry out my cell phone after loosing it in the snow for a day.
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I just picked up a el cheap-o walmart dehydrator today. I pad $40. Going to see how she works. This is just temporary until I can afford something like yours.
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i had an el cheapo ronco, really didnt do the job like i wanted and capacity way to small. i bought one a the cabelas and those things are awesome. dehydrated a crapload of peppers this fall...

got one a there mixers a few years ago too... save alot of work!!!
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Mostly will be for jerkey,but who knows.I did a batch of Elk jerkey in it and it turned out great.Right now its in the MES putting on the finishing touch.I goofed up and did not see that the jerkey blaster was on sale too.Its a huge upgrade in equipment for me.The coupons were in their internet flyers that I get.Sign up for them and you should get them (email).The ones I had were good till the 16th of Dec.Hope it is usefull info.
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I've got the 160 L Cabelas unit that I bought used. I have done about 8 batches in it and so far I like it a lot...except it is friggin huge!!. Couldn't beat the price either....$75.icon_mrgreen.gif
I really only wanted the slicer, but for $75 more I figured I couldn't go wrong. Gotta love Craigs list!!

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