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There's a few of us from Idaho.. although I live in Bozeman now .. I lived in Boise for EVER .. and somkemifugotem still lives there.. BUT my sister lives around the corner from you in ATHOL... I had to type that in public... because.. its a real place and its real nice!..

Congrats on making the first move to the new you ... only 11 more steps..

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Welcome to the forum Greg!!
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Greg Welcome to the Smoking Meat Forums

With a Handle like GreenDrake and living as you do near to one of the best sources on the Planet for Flytying feathers ( Conranch ) I just have to ask do you tie flies?

I have driven thru Athol and learned to slow down where the bend in the road hides the school zone till your right upon it. I got a stern warning in lieu of a fine from a very pretty lady cop. Never heard a word she said but Her image haunts my dreams to this day.

I have a friend in Elk and one in Spirit lake whom we visit once in a blue moon. We pass by both Haden lake and Athol enroute.

Ps I flyfish at the Idaho fish-in at Lowell Id each year. About 60 of us get together each year at 3 Rivers Campground where the Selway meets the Lochsa to form the Middle arm of the Clearwater. Cutthroats feeding on October Caddis.
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Hello and welcome to SMF! Glad you were referred to us.
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GnuBee, yes I do tie my own flies. I chose the handle because the GreenDrake is one of my favorite bugs and hatches on the rivers here. You should find your way up the Coeur d'Alene River next trip through, since they changed the regs to year round and only catch and release, we have seen the native west slope cutthroats get bigger and more plentiful. I need to tie more, I have a man cave downstairs with a bar and what used to be a closet, I converted to a fly tying room, love it.
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I do love the Cutties so. I tie about 2000 flies each winter, use up about 100 or so myself every season and give the rest to friends. I am nearly 100% catch and release myself so the new regs just make me happier with bigger fish. If you have not done so you should check out the rainbows at Rocky ford creek near Ephrata. Our next fish in will be there in May then the big one in Lowell is in Sept to catch the start of the October caddis.

If you ever need Hackle feathers check out they have the best hackle I have found anywhere. Supple beyond belief plus Denny has bred some natural colors that exist no where else. A vet and a Great guy to deal with.

Also if you have not done so yet check out Fly Anglers Online They are the ones who put on the fish-ins each year. They are a website similar to SMF where there is a no nonsense good clean fun well monitered party going on.
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How's it going Greendrake? Glad to see more Idahoans on here. I see Heliboy already introduced himself. Now its my turn. Im alive and smoking in Boise Idaho. Its -1 this morning. And i have two tri tips im smoking this afternoon. Gonna be a challenge!! Is it that cold up there? ....or colder?
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It always colder up NORTH silly... congrats!
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GreenDrake, welcome to the site. I joined recently and am learing new things every day on this site. I have to mention, My name is Greg, I live in Boise, Idaho, am an avid fly fisherman and fly tyer and have a smoking problem too. Nice to see I am not alone. Sounds like there are several other Idahoans on this sit that fall into the same mix.
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