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**Bread Mexican Fatties Experiment**w/q/view

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Ok I am not sure if this has been done the way I did this. I gotta some what of a idea off Dinners, Drive-ins, And Dives. I went a head and made full dough fatties. One with a pizza dough and one with a butter biscuit dough. Both store bought but I just don't have the bread thing down yet and didn't have time to try that to day do to my boys wrestling. I will explain one by one.

here are the humble beginnings

First one is a chorizo pizza dough fattie

Started with home made chorizo. What a color on this babby !

then I diced up some potatoes and onions along with some home grown corn we processed this summer and bagged up with some jalapenos. Browned everything with a little or a lot ..lol..bacon grease. I was feeling sick to my stomach I didn't through bacon in to these so I guess grease will have to do.

Ok both the chorizo and papa's are done after throwing in some green chile's and onions along with some lantana seasoning, sorry know pic of the papa's and corn

now we roll out the dough and get to slappin sown some stokes sauce

and now the rest of the fixins along with some smoke cheddar I did about a month ago.

Rolled her up and on to the next one. It will be a smoked pulled pork biscuit dough fattie. I smoked the butts awhile ago with some jalapeno jelly base and rubbed it with lantana of texas..man it was good.
I fryed up some more of that corn with no potatoes in it for this one..Man I love the color of this stuff

We started off the same as the other with some stokes and then we through on some pulled pork. and smoked cheddar for this one also.

all rolled up and heading to the smoker set at 270 but more like 300 on the MES

I really don't have a clue how long this will take but I will post the finished pics when it's done.
thanks for lookinPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I cannot wait to see the pictures. The creativity on this site just blows my mind. I have a lot to learn.
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Thanks porkaholic..I just checked on the little loaves of love..lol here is a pic they still have quit awhile to go i think. 1 hour right now and still very soft in side. My MES is having a tough time right now because it is 14 degrees out and I didn't have a LONG preheat this time. oh well we shall see
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That was really creative - all flavors I love - cant wait to see the fishshed pics
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So far, so excellent Jerod! Keep them pics coming and let us know how you all liked them. Looked real good to me at this point...

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Now thats a great idea! Looks great by the way. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wow Jerod, those look like they are gonna be DYNOMITE ...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks guys. My smoker was haveing a real hard time staying at 225 so after 2 1/2 hrs of smoke I went ahead and through it in to the oven to finish up...I am wondering if the inside is going to cook or not. maybe should of wrapped something bigger in it and had a thinner amount of dough. Here is a pic right before the oven
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really cool idea! thanks for the step by step. great work!
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Wow !

Ok first I need to let you all know I love bread so my opinion is a little bias but I just want to say OH MY GOD ! These were better then sausage fatties. If you like bread at all youneed to do one of these. I can't make my mind up if the pizza dough or biscuit were better. They were both amazing ! They smoked for about 2 1/2 hrs and then I put them in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes. then took some melted butter and some smoked cheddar put both on top and back in for about 10 minutes. the inside was cooked perfectly. The corn flavor really came through in these. also the smoke flavor in the bread was great. he are the final pics

pizza dough chorizo fattie

biscuit dough pulled pork fattie
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WOW!!!!!! My wife just had to wipe my face of saliva.
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Very Cool

Great idea and super Qview.
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I think you started a new category! I love calzones so I'm going to be all over this one! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks guys I was thinking "should I put this in the bread section?" lol
these are to die for. They where gone in minutes. I did bogart a little away for tomorrow thoicon_smile.gif
these really are a must !PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
and thanks for all the points guys ! really appreciated !
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Good Grief, Jerod what a pair of masterpieces!! Definitely on my to-do list and I am certain these will be a hit. That pizza-dough chorizo and corn baby looked out of this world! This is a calzone turned Spanish for sure PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Major points to you oin this one, bud! points.gif
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Youi're my kind of smoker... taste buds on steroids.Smoke On bro.
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Nice! Great job on them. points.gifGotta give you points for creativity.
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I think that you picked the right kind of bread for each fatty! going to have to try this some time!
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What a great idea, shame it was so cold out and you had to finish in the oven. Don't you just love the Winter...icon_rolleyes.gif

Everything sounded really good, definitely something I would order if a place around here made something like that.
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