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First stuffed fattie

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As someone new to fatties I have only tried the basics. Open sausage, roll in rub and smoke. They were great but today I moved to the next level. My first stuffed fattie. This one is sage sausage, smoked chicken, fetta cheese, onion, garlic and mushrooms. We will be having these at a party this week. I hope this works out. Oh, and wrapped in bacon, of course.
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Sounds good but where is the Qview?
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You better make alot for the party, because 1 is never enough!!
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Sounds good, post a qview since theres no smell-a-forum. icon_mrgreen.gif
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I made six and did take pictures but not real sure how to post them to this site. I will work on that. We just taste tested the one made with sage sausage stuffed with smoked chicken, mushrooms, onion, garlic, roast red peppers and feta cheese. Very nice!icon_smile.gif
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Carefull, them things er addictin!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Here's a link for how to post Q VIEW.
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Sounds divine I just got done putting my first stuffed fatty on the smoker as well. Mine was stuffed with sauteed onions, peppers and garlic.
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Nothing better than when people try their first fatties out.
Smoked my first when I was 14, I mean...
Made my first one over a year ago and you truly can't explain how good they taste, something you truly need to discover for yourself.
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Thanks for the link to put up some Qview. Here are the fatties. The large ones are stuffed and small ones are just sausage rolled in rubs. Hope this works.

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Fatties look great, good job. I'm sure anyone who tastes them will be thrilled.
You should have taken some pics of the filling, would love to have seen that. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job. How did they taste? Did they go over well?
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I realized after I figured out how to post the photos that I had not included the inside filling. I only cut one open to "taste test" it so my guests would not be disgusted by a mistake. I will post some pictures as I cut them open for the party the end of this week. Smoking and posting pictures, so much to learn, so little time. I love this stuff.
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really?? how awesome is that!!!!

I am new to the site, smokin for several years. newborn baby new to "fatties"... just learned about them tonight-right here on this thread!
I will be creating my first tomorrow. I love the bacon weave...any recommendations for the best stuffing? temp 165?
give me a second...I need to wipe the drool off the keyboard!!!
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Well, the party is over and the guests are gone and so are the fatties. As I was setting them out and arranging them for "filling pictures" the guests started arriving and well the camera never came out. The good news is they were a great hit. The hot ones, mexican style, went over the best. I just continue to be amazed at the creative combinations I see on this site. How is it that I have survived for over 50 years without fatties in my life?
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It sounds like you and your fatties were a big hit and I liked the fillings so congrats on your fatties and you what we or atleast me:
"One Cooked is one Hooked"
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Congrats, I'm glad everyone at your party enjoyed them as much as you did. Got any plans in the works for your next ones?
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looking pretty good. havent had me one in months. HUGH?PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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The plan for the next set of fatties is on the cutting board. I am giving a few away for Christmas presents to some that have tasted them and just loved them. I am working on fillings but each time I visit this site I get so much input it makes it hard to settle down. By the way, my son in WA state actually showed a picture of my first fatties to a co-worker and then they moved on to smokers and well, the co-worker now has a smoker on order just to smoke fatties and maybe the occasional salmon. I think fatties have gone viral.icon_smile.gif
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