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Oak Smoked Dry Rubbed Tri-Tip

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Hadn't had tri tip for a while, and with all the TURKEY I ate, it just seemed to be the right thing to do. Here it is out of the package. Note the nice marbling:

It had a nice fat cap on the bottom:

Here it is all rubbed up with Moose Rib Rub #2 and seasoned pepper:

Time to smoke it on the cold side of the Kingsford Oval with firebrick set up on other side:

After about 45 mins of smoke, time for a nice sear on the hot side of the grill. That fat cap really made some flames!:

Ready to pull with internal temp at 138:

Time for a rest and a cold beer:

Sliced and ready to serve to hungry and grateful guests:

No one really spoke much at dinner, but they did make approving sounds!
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MooseMan - AWESOME Job!!
Tri-Tips are definitely on the top of my list in the Beef category. Your sliced picts are absolutely perfect - when is dinner? ;o)
Looks like you've done this before.
Thanks for sharing,
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looks great. Hard to beat a tri tip for dinner. They go good with almost anything.
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That looks sooooooooo good! Gonna have to give that a try.
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looks like you did a great job on that tri tip
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