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Bandera Mods

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I have made a diverter from the firebox to the smoke chamber out of aluminum foil. One day I would like to know how to make a more permanent solution. However, my question is this: When attempting to elevate the firebox wood grate, does it matter what kind of bricks I use, i.e. fireplace, standard, etc.? Thanks!
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I would use 3 for that should give you a stable surface to rest your grates on too.
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Will any brick do?
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I would use fire bricks. Standard building brick have a tendency to explode when overheated.
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I just went out and bought a piece of 3/4 expanded metal (not from HD or Lowes, thicker) and had it cut to cover the whole width of the fire box on the first rack level. I believe it was like 15 7/8" x 20 something.... DAWN now has it in her Bandera.

IMO this worked great and elevated everything to the proper level...

I have a local place called "Metal Supermarket", you can probably find something like that where you live.
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