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Fatties - help

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Is it OK to make a fattie the night before and let it sit in the
refrigerator overnight or should it be made the day i plan to smoke it? Also, what temp is best for smoking them? I am trying to smoke ribs at the same time any suggestions?
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Make it up the night before an smoke it at the same temps as yer ribs, it's a fatty, it ain't gonna care one bit!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Like Tip said, no worries on making it the night before.
Smoke it the same temp as your ribs, 225-250ish, fatties normally run between 2-3 hours but pull when the center reads 165, let it rest under a tent of foil for 10 minutes, slice in, take some pics and enjoy.
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I have let a FATTY sit overnight without any noticable difference. I usually smoke FATTIES and ribs at 225°. 155°-160° internal temp on your ready to pull the FATTY(s) out of the smoker.
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what they all said go for it and show us the outcomePDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I have always made mine the night before and leftthem in the refrig overnight to stiffen up. I wrap them in saran wrap and use it to tighten the bacon weave and the whole fattie so that it will stay together in the smoker.
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done em both ways and they do stiffin up a bit when made the nite before, but not enough to make me do it like that every time... mostly make em and throw on smoker with whatever else i smoking (except fish). like tip says, they dont care...
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I second that! tongue.gif
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