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Are there 2 different GOSM?

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I read on here that there are 2 different GOSM. The 1 from Wal Mart has a lighter shipping weight than the 1 from BassPro. I sears has major manufacturers make their models a little different to keep anyone from matching mod #s.

What do yall know?
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The one Walmart and Amazon carry are made by Weber. There is also a Great Outdoors company (or was) that made the Smokey Mountain Cooker. It's kinda of confusing.

Google smokey mountain cooker and you'll see exactly how confusing it can get.
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Didn't weber buy out GOSM because I remember hearing that smokey mtn was no longer in bussiness.
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There is another post going on about the GOSM and apparently Bass Pro does carry them, in stock for $199. I no longer have any idea what is going on with Great Outdoors, other then 2 different smokers carry the exact same name.
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landman bought out Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain, and at the time time there was confusion over the Big Block and the wide version.
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Ill echo others here, Bass carries (2) different sizes.

I bought the small version a couple months ago to see if I liked meat smoked on a propane smoker, and for the ease of use. Seems to hold a good temp, and turns out some pretty good food.

With the above said I have a new WSM sitting in the garage waiting for me to fire it up x-mas day.
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Ditto on the Bass Pro. I purchased the wide body model Friday for $199. I had no idea what I was missing! I had the WalMart model I purchased in 2005. Small water pan, small wood box.

This thing is HUGE!

I would strongly recommend the Bass Pro model.
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Landmann makes the ones both Bass Pro and Walmart carry, Walmart only carries the narrow 16" model while Bass Pro carries both the 16" Narrow Model and the 24" Wide Body.

If I were choosing I would chose the 24" Wide Body as it will accommodate a full slab of Ribs and Larger pieces of meat without having to cut them in half...
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I have had my GOSM for about 5 years now, used it last night and still holds temp perfect.. i only wish i had gotten the wide body though, 2 butts per rack and they have to basically start out right against each other and still barely fit:(
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I bought the wide body from Bass Pro this last spring. When I bought I was not sure I needed the wide body but for $30 more I could get the wide body. Now I am glad I bought the bigger one. It is a great smoker. For the small difference in price I would definitly go with the wide body again. My Dad has has also bought the same one since I bought mine. We love them.
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The one from Walmart is lighter, but it's also smaller. I think I may be responsible for writing about the shipping weights. The confusion comes from marketing specs, which lists the largest Walmart version as the same size as the 24 inch version, but the Walmart version includes the legs in the dimensions where I believe the Bass pro version only includes cooking dimensions. Obtaining usefull and accurate information on these things are way too dificult and I would have said forget it a long time ago if I didn't want a smoker so badly.

The 16 inch is 55 pounds
The 20 inch (Walmart version) is 65 pounds
And I believe the 24 inch (Bass Pro version) is 75 pounds

Judging by the weight, I now believe the construction quality of all of them are similar.

Also of note is the pictures on the box of the 20 inch from Walmart now shows the grease tray (though it's not shown in the online version).
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here is yet another Smokey Mountain cooker, this one from weber. I have been keeping my eyes open for a deal on this...

It appears that Walmart is now sold out of the GOSM as their website reports not available. I did a store search for it from my zip and not a single one is available for 100 miles. Here is a link to the item and a store search feature. See if one is available near you. :)
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