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Ham Redemption

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A while back I tried smoking my first ham which turned out not so great.
Now smoking ham is very popular, people swear it is amazing, just like my first try at ABTs, not very good but folks swear by them so I gave them another try, did it right my second time and, of course, I LOVE them!

After watching Jeff's "How to Smoke a Ham" video on youtube I was inspired to give it another try.

I picked up a ham, slathered it with some chipotle mustard and some Kansas City rub.

Also picked up some chicken legs for a new favorite of mine.
I marinate the chicken in Jalapeno Ranch Dressing, adobo sauce, granulated garlic and some chipotle powder for 3-4 hours then sprinkle under and on the skin with some Golden Toad cajun seasoning, this stuff is good with one hell of a kick.
The other legs shown were smoked for a chicken stock.

On the smoker at 225 with cherry for 3 hours.

The ham had a wonderful flavor, the smoke seemed to go perfectly throughtout the meat adding so much wonderful flavor. I never want to do a ham in the oven again and don't think I ever will.
If you like ham but have yet to try smoking one I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Thanks for looking.
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Great job there Jim. Is that hams fresh or was it pre-cooked??? It loks really pink on the inside so thats why I'm asking. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif Now that chicken is a whole dofferant story it looks great and that brine/marinade sounds awesome too. So I have to try and fine it some of that stuff. Then where did you get that Golden Toad seasoning is it good or just neat packaging??
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Ham was precooked.
The Golden Toad does have a really neat label on it but it is really good. Has a great kick and whole herbs.
One of those seasoning that contains a bunch of good looking high quality ingredients.

The jalapeno ranch I get at our local Pathmark, they are a supermarket chain located in NY, NJ and parts of PA. Americas choice is a brand they sell "Pathmark is now Americas Choice", that's their slogan.
Anyway, let me know if you are unable to find it and I will send you down a bottle if you want.
Some jalapeno ranch mixed with chipotle rub makes a great dipping sauce for smoked items like wings or pizza.

Back to the Golden Toad-like I said, good stuff.
Got it in an exchange with zjaybird
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Nothing like redemption....Great looking food you smoked up.
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Man those look good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

wish I was there to help put some of that away
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FIU - looks great. Glad you tried it again.

I have not seen Jeff's video, but will check it out. I have been doing hams (precooked Smithfields, or whatever I can find) for 10 years now. People can't believe the flavor it has compared to hams they normally buy and throw in the oven.

Just did two for Thanksgiving and am doing one Monday and another two for a party next weekend. I'll take some pics and post qview as I get it together.
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That ham looks Great Jim, and I like the idea of the chicken in Jalapeno Ranch Dressing marinated.
I love ham but usually find it to salty. What type ham did you use and did you soak it first?
Type of ham as in "Ham with Natural Juices", "Ham - Water Added" or the one that always makes me chuckle "Ham and Water Products"
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Great looking smoke! I was just looking at hams yesterday thinking it's about time to do another one. I usually use "Cook's" hams which are only partially cooked. This time of year you can usually find then for 89 cents a pound on sale but yesterday they were still $1.99.
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Very nice looking ham, Jim and I like the idea of the KC rub on it. I'm imaginning that makes for a nice contrast with the ham flavor. Excellent cooking as usual bud!
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Great flavor combo, and it shows in the Q View. Poinjts to you my friend.
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Thanks everyone.

Dan-not sure what brand it was, I threw the packaging away. I did find one pic I took that wasn't posted of the label and the label said "BI RUMP PORTION HAM WP"
WP-Water Packed?
Either way the only thing I can say for sure is that it was delicious PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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That looks great. I would have never thought of putting anything other than a sweet glaze on ham. I need to try something like this. Thank you !
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