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Which Wood??

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Which wood should I use for Deer Summer Sausage?
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Hickory is what i would use
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I second that notion.

Red meats like beef and venison can handle the stronger flavor of hickory. Lacking that, some variety of oak. Next on the list, milder pecan.

Save the fruit woods and sweeter stuff like apple, cherry and maple for poultry and pork.
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Like so many other things we smoke it becomes a personal choice.

My personal favorite is hickory, but I like a stronger smoke.

Maple is very good fer sausage, I use alot of it, most a my customers prefer the maple, a nice smoke with a hint of sweet to it.

Any of the smokin woods will work, some will be very mild, apple is nice, but dosen't give much flavour ta things like summer sausage, but if it be what ya got will work.

Ya can also do some wood blends, hickory an maple make up a nice mixture as well.
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I will have to agree with the others, Hickory wood is great for summer sausage and gives a nice smokey flavor. But, in the end it is all personal pref. and what you like to eat. I used a combination of hickory, pecan, and apple for my venison snack sticks and I thought it could use just a bit more smoke taste but, thats just me. They were good with a hint of sweetness to them. I think summer sausage will be able to handle the strong hickory smoke just fine, you can always mix it up a bit and use 75% hickory and 25% apple, oak, or pecan. It's all up to you, which every way you go I'm sure you will be happy and enjoy the eat! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I see it as

smoke is such as spices

you smoke to taste

some herbs you prefer more than other,so use wood to taste

the one wood is not the other one icon_wink.gif
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Like they all said, it's a matter of preference, but you just can't beat Hickory for venison. It just compliments it so well.
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