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new smoker

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I got this one off a guy last night luck number 13 for me. He didn't know anything about it make or model. It is new never used and the price was right it is 200lbs i hope it will work good.
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I was gonna guess it was a Horizon with the steel wagon wheels, but the offset fire box is on the wrong side. It may be... Could also be a Bar B Chef.

Either way, it's a great looking off set. Can't wait to see the Que it pumps out!.
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the offset box is on the wrong side for the horizon not to sure i hope it works good need to do some mods then ill try her out
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I know it's not a Horizon but I don't know what brand it is.
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It looks to me like it is a BBQ Pro Smoker like this one sold by Sears, Handles are a little different but that could be because it is from a different seller.

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i think you are right looks the same to me
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Beer-B-Que is the winner! The firebox clean out door is exact too. I looked all over and couldn't find that. The steel wheels are rare, so I was using that in my searches.


Very highly rated smoker. And the price is right too....
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thanks guys race did you find it in a store i cant find it any place up here
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In Pauls post he has a link to Sears, it seems the do carry it.
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sears in Canada doesn't have it that is why i was looking
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