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Deer Summer Sausage

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I was going to make 4 kinds of of Summer Sausage. One with just seasoning. One with Cheese. One with Japs. One with Japs and Cheese. What kind of cheese should I use? Also how much cheese and peppers to a roll of sausage? 3lb rolls
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I like to use 1 big brick of valveta for 25lbs of cheese smokies.
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I would stick with a high temp cheese such as you would get from Butcher Packer. IIRC they recommend a round a 5-10% ratio of cheese to meat. The peppers would be to your liking. Start small, test fry a patty, and go up from there.
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I live in Wisconsin so I use what is called cheese curds in my Summer sausage. It doesn't melt like regular cheese will and then leave a void where the cheese use to be in the sausage.....or you can use high temp. cheese. Good Luck!

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If you want the cheese to stay intact, like the sausages you but in the store, go with the high temp cheese made just for smoking sausages. You can get them at some of the sausage supplies businesses online. It comes precut, in little 1/4" cubes. Just add what you need and it does not melt away.
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You have to love this place for sure. Sometimes all I have to do is think of it and someone post a thread for waht I was thinking. I was making sausage last night I thought self you should add some cheese. The bang here you go. Can you get it from like the sausage stuffer company.
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butcher packer sells high temp cheese
also cheese curds work well, just choped up a little
sharp cheddar has a higher melt point than mild also
I have used shreaded sharp cheddar with good results
but you have to keep an eye on smoker temp and keep it
160* or under.
I use a dozen Japs for every 20# of meat. seeds and veins removed
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For a 25 lb. batch of summer sausage I like adding a pound and a half of high temperature cheddar and a pound and a half of high temperature swiss jalapeƱo cheese.
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i use the high temp this one has pepperjack.icon_smile.gif

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REALLY?! WOW! Never thought about using cheese curds in the sausage! Gonna have to run over to Mullins Cheeese and get some fresh, squeaky curds to use! LOL

I wonder how SMOKED cheese curds would taste? I bet that'd be awesome!

Thanks for the tip!
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Wish i was in Wisconsin

Have to figure out how I can sneak up to Racine and pick up some curds.

Thinking about that, why don't I see them anywhere else in the country.

They are so good.
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LOL!!! They are good .... now I got to go get myself some. Haven't had any in awhile. They do work real well when used in venison summer sausage! For some reason they don't melt! At low temps!!! 170* or so for the smoker temp. And internal at 155* !!! And they make for a nice finished product.

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Are you thinking of stopping at Mars Cheese Castle? Don't bother. Their curds are "flash frozen." They'll tell you that they're just as good as "fresh" once they're thawed out, but they're not. Even warmed up, they don't give you that signature "squeak" (and "rubbery" feel) that is absolutely required when eating truly GOOD fresh cheese curds.

If you want, we can probably work something out for me to ship you some awesome FRESH cheese curds from Mullins Cheese in Knowlton (about 20 miles south of Wausau). If you're interested, send me a private note and we can talk!

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I can't add much I like to use 1 pound of high temp pepper cheese to 10 pounds of meat, I use about 4 handfulls of sliced japs to the 10 lbs of sausage. I find that the japs really loose their heat and pepper taste but still add to the flavor they just have to be more concentrated that one would use in other recipes.

I do love making summer sausage,,,, Now that I have it mastered,,,,,, I need to move onto mastering,,,,,, another type of sausage!!
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