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I'm running into some lower temp issues now...delaying the smoke a bit...snow's still comin' down and ambient temp is 8*. I have my smoker set-up so that the light wind comes into the sfb intake and helps keep the draft going in the right direction for good venting this way.

Went through about 28# of briqs so far with the SNP today.........cleaned out about 1/2 a fireplace ash bucket so far, and coals are still burnin' hot......

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WOW!!!! The SNP is not happy tonight with these cold ambient temps.

I/T is now ~120*, target is 160*:

Gotta keep close tabs on these so they don't dry out...I've cranked the intake open and poured the coal to it with about 2/3 of a full sfb-size grate burning now about 2-1/2" deep...gotta be putting out some BTUs now.

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Tenders are is this brine/cure chix great!!!!

Without a dry rub prior to smoking, you can really get a great taste of the brine/cure seasonings...this is incredible!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to compare it to the breast meat still in ther SNP with the Ancho rub!

Still smokin the breasts:

Tenders, sliced and ready for passing around to sample...juicy and tender, with a nice light skin...:

Oh, boy, did I ever step into a new world here......I'm definately going to explore this alot more in the near future.

Finish pics of the breast meat and full review to come ASAP!


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Oh my! You gotta try this stuff!!!!

I'm having trouble finding the words at the moment, so I'll just let the pics speak for themselves:

The lighter skin of the naked meat is enhanced by the rub to form a thin crust. The rub adds some heat and alot more flavors which are contained in the brine, as well. The tenders kept a slight pink coloring to them, while the breasts lost all their coloring and turned white as when normal prep and cooking is done. But, I can't deny the juiciness, flavors and textures being very good.

Yes, I will be exploring this more, hopefully very soon...I did spy some boneless/skinless chix breasts in the outdoor freezer a couple days ago...wonder if the wife will let me.......LOLOL!!!!!!!! I'm desperate for more of this stuff!!!!!! icon_mrgreen.gif

Gotta do more soon!

Thanks to everyone!

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I'm so glad I checked this before I went to bed.
I know what I will be dreaming of tonight.

You can almost always find good deals on chicken. Half the time I will just pass it up because there is only so many things you can do with chicken and so many ways to smoke it before it becomes somewhat redundant but now that you have brought this wonderful smoked creation to light I'm trying it.
I may not increase the poultry business by a noticeable margin but I'm sure as hell going to make a big 'ol batch of this!!!
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We don't see alot of decent prices on any meats around here, but grab the sale items if it's interesting enough.

I figured with all the folks doing meat curing lately that this would get some good ideas rolling around...glad to share it and get your wheels turnin' brother!

Enjoy...I sure did/am/!!!!!!!

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Oops!!! Forgot to post the Ancho dry rub recipe

6 Tbls Dark Brown Sugar
1 Tbls Spanish Paprika powder
3 Tbls Ancho Chili powder (1 Large dried chili)
2 Tbls Garlic powder
1 Tbls Onion powder
2 Tbls Black Peppercorn, powdered
1 Tbls White Pepper powder
½ tsp Cinnamon
4 Tbls Kosher Salt

This is the same as what I used for a slab of spares and the trimmings for beans for tonight's dinner. You won't use this much for the chix 'strami...unless you plan on doing 20# icon_mrgreen.gif...I only used about 1/2 of it for the rib meat, and a small portion of the remainder for the 4 chix breasts.

Anyway, you can make graduated adjustments for a smaller batch of doesn't take a very heavy dose to get it to come out nicely.


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I was drooling so much over the chicken when you first posted this I think I completely passed by the soup itself. Glad i came back to the post sine I am getting ready to try some chicken pastrami, gonna be lazy and since I got leg quarters @ $.59lb from Tyson I'm just doing them.
That soup, oh man Eric did it ever look good.
I love broccoli cheese soup and love mushroom soup, I don't know which I love more but to combine them, that HAS to be good!
Would love to try out the recipe, if you have one. I know lots of soups get kind of thrown together, either way any tips on it would be great.
This time of year is definitely good hearty soup weather.
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