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Very good choice, he will not be disappointed. Make sure y'all check back in for some tips on running that rig.
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18 inch WSM is a awesome basic smoker.I still have mine from moons ago.The 22 inch is as mentioned a fuel hog and we use for catering...6 butts at a time etc....

You can experiment with different woods and have a consistent burn without getting into offsets complications/price for newer smokers etc....Awesome rigs that grill or smoke etc..
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Those are great, but she did specifically say she was looking for a wood burner. She did otherwise receive a lot of good advice here from you guys. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Why are you following me and contradicting me. The MES does use wood to smoke and would be ideal for their enviroment and price range.

If you don't have anything positive to post keep your opininons to your self.

It was just another option she may have not known about.

Give it up man, leave me and some others alone. You seem to have issues with some other folks here.

Why not spend some time actually smoking and posting your contribution here for others to gain some meaningful knowledge.

This is a friendly place so let's keep it that way. OK?icon_smile.gif
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Whoah there dude, I am not following you, I haven't had the time to post on the boards in a few days. She was asking about a wood burning smoker and I thought it odd you suggested a Masterbuilt.

I am only sharing an opinion and would have actually added my suggestion for a wood/charcoal burner but everyone else already had.

No need to feel like i am contradicting you, my opinion simply differs. I'm terribly sorry you are offended and had to react this way. I'll take care of that right away to make sure it never happens again.
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So can I get it shipped to Portland, OR for that price? biggrin.gif Been looking for one of those to use when I don't want to fire up my offset char-griller.. lol.
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Have found the best deals thru fellow competitors who are upgrading too Langs etc...Dont wanna mention how cheap i got one in perfect shape...PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Funny thing is the team has never done as good on the thousand plus rig...

I like mine the most for fact i can turn them into awesome outdoor smoke ovens....3 funnels of charcoal will run 350 degree for 5 hours plus etc....
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I'm a little getting in on this thread, but Georgia Girl I'm really you got the WSM. I had. 22" for several years and got some great Q from it. Send some pics when you have them.

Rodriguez, If you are talking about the WSM, Lowes will ship them to the store and they are the same price.
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LOL.... the original thread was from 2009.


Thanks though. I bought a 22.5" WSM shortly after that from a local vendor (to impatient to wait for shipping :biggrin:), have never regretted it once!

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