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Do you Buy?

Poll Results: What kind of pork do you buy?

  • 70% (98)
    Fresh Pork Only
  • 2% (4)
    "Enhanced" Pork
  • 27% (38)
    Either type
140 Total Votes  
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Fresh Pork, or "enhanced" pork?

Nowdays I only buy fresh pork that hasnt been injected with water/salt solution. I had used the "enhanced" product in the past and was never happy with the taste, or paying for the solution and not meat.

I may be lucky to have alot of sources of fresh pork near where I live, so I can be choosey, and pass on any pork that has been enhanced.
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Here in Oregon (southern, anyway) it's a hit or miss on whether you'll get a better selection of fresh or the processed stuff. If at all possible I'l lalways search out the fresh even if it means a few cents more per pound. I figure if I want my pig parts injected, I'll do it! icon_wink.gif
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I search out the fresh pork, and plan my bbq menu based on what fresh pork is available, on sale, or how far I want to drive to get it.
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Enhanced?????? Isn't that a sin?????? lmao PDT_Armataz_01_03.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
I always buy fresh!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Fresh only.
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Don't have any choice here - it's all enhanced. I'd buy fresh if I could though.
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Fresh only
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What kind of pork do I buy?
Only the kind that comes from pigs & hogs.

Just kidding----I try for all fresh.
So far that's all I bought, but I usually buy from a small local butcher shop. If I get from BJ's or an equal, I look at the fine print to see if they have been screwing around with it.
I don't want my pork shot up like a New York Yankee.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif

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I can get either and prefer the fresh. Its not enhanced for our benefit its enhanced so they can sell us the water that weighs it down.

Another grocery store term I hate is "pre thawed for your convenience." Its not for our convenience its so the store can sell us frozen meats instead of fresh meats and cut back on the butcher staff.
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I buy from a local butcher and as far as I know they only sell fresh pork. But the next time I go in I'll check to see if the pork is enhanced. Thanks for the heads up.icon_confused.gif
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only buy fresh pork

you do then what you yourself want PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I try to buy fresh pork only.
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We stopped shopping our local supermarket because of the 'enhanced' crapola. They had their own butcher shop for years and had excellent pork. Then in a cost-cutting move, they scaled that back and brought in the Smithfield enhanced pork. We found it utterly flavorless and devoid of texture.

Apparently we weren't the only ones. Within a year, their overall business had sharply declined and their meat sales ground to a near-halt.

Two years ago, they ditched the Smithfield stuff and reactivated their own shop.
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about 2 times a yr i buy a frozen 10 lb box of end and pieces
hormel porkchops

i use it for seasoning---
today it was split pea soup with them -cooked in soupPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Fresh when it I can find it at a good price.....if I can....If im cureing ....toss up....
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Fresh when I can get it, enhanced when I gotta. Both work well fer me.
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fresh only...meat does not require an ingredients label...unless it is me saying what I put in it :)
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Fresh Only

after i am done smoking the meat....thats when the meat is "enhanced" PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I just checked the label for what I bought tonight - 2 4 lb+ bags labeled "boneless pork rib ends" and one 8.33 lb whole pork loin. No mention of anything added, though the whole loin had a label underneath for $1.99/lb (the top label was $1.79/lb.) I didn't even know that was done so I'll have to start checking labels a little more carefully.
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I'm with most of the others here and I try to buy only fresh marked pork but will also buy enhanced if it is a particular type on sale or all I can find. They both work out well in the end. If I can smoke an enhanced rack and a fresh rack for 7 hours and treat them exactly the same, do you really think you can tell them apart by taste by appearance?

I make an effort to look for fresh, but I do keep in mind that enhanced pork is enhanced for a reason, most pork now a days is breed and raised leaner. The enhancement is there to add moisture and maybe kick the flavor up a notch, which is nothing to be scared of.
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