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Northern Tools Plates

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Right after I had gotten my grinder/stuffer from Northern Tool I got a chance to go by a Bass Pro Shops on a trip. Well, I knew I wanted a stuffing plate after hearing comments here about how they helped out if you were going to use a grinder as a stuffer too, but since I didn't know what size it was (all I had done was take it out of the box to make sure the parts were there so far) so I just guessed and got the 5# LEM brand. It's too small in diameter. It was 2" and mine now that I've checked is 3".

I also picked up a pack of 17mm snack stick casings while I was there thinking Slim Jims (YUM!) but come to find out that the grinder didn't come with a 3/8" stuffing tube. Batting 1000 now on impulse buys! icon_redface.gif

I'm sure whenever I get back to BPS I can match things up, but I was wondering if anyone knows which LEM plates would fit mine so I can just order them online. Are any of them 3"? Maybe the 10#?
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A no. 10 is 2 3/4" a no.22 is 3 1/4" and a 32 is 3 15/16". Hope this helps.
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Kingudaroad showed me here

that mine has 2 3/4" plates and NOT 3" plates. I went back to check and sure enough, that's why they came up with the phrase "measure twice, cut once".icon_mrgreen.gif

So, I'm looking for 2 3/4" attachments.

And based on what Troski just posted, I'm looking for the 10# parts. Thanks!
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This May Help You, It sounds like you have a #12 Grinder but you need to measure for sure...
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The 10/12 has the 2 3/4" so I think that's the one I'll need. Thanks for the info!
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You can find stuffing tubes and accessories for the #10/#12 Grinder here
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I see they have the separator plate that I was looking for. Any big difference in springing for the stainless version besides it not rusting?

Bummer though it doesn't look like they have the 3/8" stuffing tubes, either in the set or individually.

Found both here at BPS.
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They used the steel ones for years before stainless was ever used so either is okay only difference is price unless you are using for commercial use...
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Saw your reply right as I was digging out my BPS credit card. Found the universal tube kit that included the 3/8" tube along with a form of the plate I was looking for in the same kit. And all including shipping for $15.94. At BPS it was going to be $19.98 before shipping. And I get two extra tubes in the kit.
points.giffor the help and for saving me some bucks!
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Glad to be of assistance...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Smokeguy and beer-b-q for all the info I will keep them for future uses.
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