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Stay on Target...Stay on Target...
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strike oneicon_redface.gif
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Oh Yea,,,Right on target,,,and wait for it.....Sweet.icon_rolleyes.gif
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You guys are some funny people (Yeah, I know...looks ain't everything! icon_wink.gif)!
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Great follow thru with the pitching arm - is he as fast on his feet as he needs to be? My mom never did chase me - she always said " you are gonna have to sleep sometime" LOL
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It was really kind of humerous (now, at least).

Jake tagged his sister (Kennedy) right in the back of her 'huge melon' (his words) just about the time my wife turned to say something to me. She caught a face full of ice and snow. Jake, being the smart lad I raised him to be, attempted to run. Attempted. He turned in my direction, slipped on the ice and fell into me, knocking me down. I had to try and save the camera from destruction in the river below so I actually wound up on top of him pinning him to the bridge deck. Unfortunate to be pinned down by a 240 pound guy with two very upset women (who, somehow had great traction) heading towards him with great speed and purpose.

By the time I could even think of moving to allow my youngest to run and live yet another day, the females pounced on him while he was still prostrate. Unfortunate. As I was doing my best to convince the irate females of my innocence (sorry, Son, it's every man for himself at this point), they continued after him with a singular purpose, make him suffer. I love you, Son.

When I finally broke away my poor son had, probably a good estimate here, no less than two pounds of snow crammed down his pants (yes, Virginia, front and back) and Kennedy had two hands full of snow grinding into his face like a made chef rubbing a huge pork butt (her words for his head) and his face was as red as a baboons butt shining in the hot sun!

To date I have still not been pardoned for my part in this whole affair (I didn't stop him) and even bringing it up and letting the Mrs (I love you, Dear) read this only stirs up the emotions like a hornets' nest. I feel, however, that some day, when I least expect it, retribution will come. Until that day, man, that was funny!

Thanks for all the great captions!

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I hope the Matrix reboots in 3..... 2..... 1......
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Gee Mom it was a Freudian slip!
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"Too close for missiles. Switching to guns."
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Very funny pic
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How long fer that boy could sit down?PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I think every brother should pelt his sister in the mellon with at least one or two snowballs... get em kid get em.
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