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Smoke Generator?

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I was looking at some smoke generators recently and I wondered after looking at some, Is it that simple?

One I was looking at is basicly a pipe plummed into the smoker, start a fire in the bottom and blow some air through it,,,, Am I missing something?
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Nope.... that's about it.
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Here is Smoke Daddy's Website, You can read about them here...
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Yup that's about it , I have a smoke daddy and it is as basic as they come yet works like a hot damm. Small aquarium pump for the blower.
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I'm very much liking the idea of the one from ProQ in England. Burns sawdust in a wire mesh spiral, gets up to 10 hours from one fill. No power, no pumps... fewer things that can go wrong.
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Thanks for posting that site for the smoke daddy. I need a smoke generator for my GOSM for I'm thinking about making it my low temp smoker for bacon and sausage.
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If you have the tools, you could build your own for practically nothing.

Check out this thread.
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