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brinkman electric in winter

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well I'll make this short. I plan on smoking a pork tenderloin tomorrow and the high here in sheep-town KY is gonna be 42. will this have a big effect on my brinkman electrics temp? or do i need to wrap it in some insulation?
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I smoked with my Electric Brinkman last year all winter and the only time I had any problem with it is when the wind was blowing. In the summer if left undisturbed... mine will hit close to 275 so in the winter it has no problems staying at 225 to 250 unless the wind is blowin. Cold wind will knock the bottom out of your smokin temps.
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I have no answer to your question but I am jealous of the temp.

I Brined 3 5lb chickens this afternoon and then sat down to watch the news and found out I will be smoking in a snow storm and a high of 16 tomorrow!

Good luck!
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Griz, you keep that snow by you!!!!! I ain't ready for it yet!!!! LMAO icon_mrgreen.gif

Good luck with the smoke Cody......
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I am in Nashville and have the same rig. Thanksgiving morning when I smoked my first turkey temps did not get above 42* and my little friend rolled along at 230* (dedicated probe for internal temp). The only temp drops where when adding more wood chunks, and when I inserted probes into bird. I did not have any wind, and that is my concern for the rest of our winter. I did use the water pan, this time I heated water on the stove in separate pot to a boil before adding to the smoker pan with my other aromatics.

Proof it happened, mix of apple and hickory for wood:
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That's a nice lookin bird there!!! tongue.gif
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I'll send you this weather if you send me some Chicago style steak rub!icon_mrgreen.gif
I think I'll be drinkin early tomorrow.
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LMAO...Looks like you ain't gettin no rub!!!!! Enjoy yer drink....icon_mrgreen.gif
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Oh come on man that's a hell of a deal, guess I'll get the hat and boots out.
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Man you guys are hating life for sure when it comes to the weather I hate to say that today in the not so sunny northeast Fla it's gonna be about 70-72 today and I'll be smoking something since the work is slowing down.
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Cool. well I think the wind is gonna be about 10 or 15 mph today so hopefully it wont hurt my temps too bad. nice lookin bird BTW PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yeah its brutal cold right now (15) but lucked out, snow stopped this morning!

These 3 birds are smoking right now!
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Here is a test pic of the chickens.
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Done! Smoked for 2.5 hours at an average temp of 275.
Temp in the breast was 170 and juicy as hell!

Just gave one to the neighbor lady and she about wet her pants PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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awesome birds man! what does this neighbor look like? biggrin.gif
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