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Can I use this for Pulled Pork

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Can I use a Boston Butt Pork Roast to make pulled pork? I see it is on sale at the local grocery store for $.98 lb.
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Yep. that's what I always use. bone-in if you can get it.

Here's one...
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Not only can's my preference
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that's all I have used for pulled pork...good price also
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easy to do--
then you will become a BUTT MANicon_rolleyes.giftongue.gif
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and a pork puller
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Oh yeah! And buy several at that price and put in you rdeepfreeze for summer.

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Good price...double check to ensure it isn't pre injected with the mystery "solution" for best results.
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NO YOU CAN NOT USE THAT FOR PULLED PORK!! You should immediatly freeze it, pack it in dry ice, and overnight it to me for proper "disposal". PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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send some of that my way it should be frozen by the time it gets here its -19c up here.
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That is what I use for pulled pork myself.
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I use it as well and would buy a few more at that price. Good luck and make sure to post some Qview.
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Don't worry fellas I picked up 37 lbs worth. At that price you can't go wrong. I am hoping to smoke it all when my new smoker is done. I am getting close! If my buddy comes to help me this weekend I think we can wrap it up. I can't wait!!!!
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That is the preferred Shoulder cut. It comes out tenderest and juiciest of the two shoulder cuts. I have mixed shoulder picnics with boston butts to make my money go further for parties and such, but if it is just you and yours, go for the butts :)
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