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Just a reminder, only a few days left to enter. All entries must be sent to me by Midnight Eastern time this Thursday night.
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You add it to your message the same way you would if you were adding it to a post...

The only difference is you cannot send it as an attachment it has to be hosted on Photobucket or some other hosting site...

This is why it is best to use Photobucket for hosting your images...
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Bump Bump Bump
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Time Is Running Out You Better Get Those Entries In...
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Groovy start Fired Up. Looking forward to seeing this play out. I might even toss a pic in if my plans all work out as I hope.

Hope there's more than 3 entries this month.
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Today is the last day for the December throwdown. All entries must be PMed to me by 12:00 am Eastern standard time.

I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the throwdown and I hope the rest of you join in for the January contest.


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