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What Erain said!
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We were thinking of offering as first prize a New Candy Apple Red Lamborghini but decided to wait and maybe do it this summer...icon_rolleyes.gif

PS; That was sarcasm not serious...icon_rolleyes.gif
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RED!!!!!! are you kidding me?????? how about mossey oak breakup!!! LOL!!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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kinda hoping to see the entries get posted in their appropriate forum section after the hoopla is done, perhaps you even share your fine recipie with your smoking buddies...

i just try and make sure it focused and no grease prints on the lense LOL!!!
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Well I am truly sorry for offering an opinion. The intent was not to trash the concept, the reply was asking a genuine question that generally is a criteria in a normal food cook-off contest. It isn't necessary to shake out an umbrella to cover a good idea, as I only intended to rain down one non PC question.

I will scurry off to my corner and refrain from blurting out any additional nonsense in this thread. icon_confused.gificon_confused.gificon_confused.gif
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I do share recipes, here and in my blog. :) I'll post it up as soon as the winner is announced. In fact, I won't put it in my blog either until then. I'll have to find something else to post. :)

I really can't wait to see what gets entered. My guess is everyone will spot Jeanie's from a mile away and pick it. I tried to take pics just like hers! ;)
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Deltadude, Though your suggestion of cooking every entry is not really feasible, I do appreciate your input and opinion. Please do not hesitate to post or PM me any other suggestions that you may have in the future. But keep in mind this is just for fun so we need to keep it simple. The point of these contests are to get people to come up with new ideas and cook something out of their comfort zone.
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I would like to thank everyone taking the time to run this event! Hopefully you are not getting too much flack about this as this is supposed to be a fun competition! I know the majority of us are truly greatful for everything you do for the site and keeping it fun!

Thank you!!!
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Interesting concept. Rules are rather stiff. Does the winner get a prize of some sort or just bragging rights?
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Bump ... Bump
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hey guys i am gonna post the winning photo so you might as well sit on the sidelines already, but i would like a sugesstion, maybwe three or four pics so theprocess is shown not just a final product

because we all know the fun is in the whole process not just eatin it!!!!
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After the judging is finished and the winner is announced, everyone can post as many pics of their dish as they want
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My entry is in and I think you have a run for your money! LOL
Will there be a confirmation of entry so we know pics showed up?
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Yes, i will pm the contestants that I have received their entries.
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We are just about halfway through the month and I have only received 3 entries so far. Lets get those smokers fire up!
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I totally forgot about this, and I'm sure many other have as well. We have had quite a few new members sign up lately, perhaps they would like to try their hand at this months throwdown? Bumping this post is case anyone, like myself, forgot about this months smoke.
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Thanks for reminder todd..Dang i forgot too Brad....I think i can do something this weekend...
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Gee guys, it's only in big letters at the top of the home page.
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OOPS....It took me 2 months to figure out we had a new posts function!

I used to congratulate guys on smokes that happened 2 years before...LOL.
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how do you send a picture on a private message?
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