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recently went up to $1.39 from $1.09 a lb--on sale--2 weeks a monthicon_mrgreen.gif
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Local Save Mart in Northern CA is on sale this week $.87/lb bone in and $1.27/lb boneless.
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It's better here.

When I was buying butts in Omaha I was normally paying about 1.69 or so at the wall hell. In Plattsmouth where I'm living now there is a small grocery that regularly has sale price of .99. I stocked up for sausage and got 8 7-9 pounders the last time. Spares are goin 1.29 right now too. But I stocked up on them the last time too!
Happiness is a full meat freeze! And a full smoker too!

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Here in Iowa, it seems like whenever Hy-Vee has them on sale for 99 cents, Fareway has them for 88 cents.

I never pay full price. As Cosmo Kramer once said to George right before he bought ladies glasses, "Retail is for suckers!!!"
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$1.09/# by the case at Sams Club here. I think about a dime more if not by the case.
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Just picked up 2 at Sams Club for $.98.
Costco is a couple cents more.
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i cant find good spares--3 1/2 down--for less than $1.69--
my ten lb box of frozen rib tips has went to $1.29PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Saw these "On Sale" at my local grocery store yesterda.


How is this a sale?
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A local grocery store store had fresh/no solution added for .78/lb. Normally I can find them from .99 to 1.89 /lb.depending on the store.
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bone in?

Brookhaven Market in Darien, Burr Ridge, and their store down in Mokena I think have bone in butts for $1.19/lb

I buy alot of pork(butts, spares, bb's) from them and it is always good.
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