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Boston Butt Prices

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Today I hit the Winco down in Medford to scoop up a pair of butts for Joe's graduation potluck dinner. I found a nice pair all neatly tied up for $1.68/pound and I got to wondering what prices others pay.

So, what do you pay in your next of the woods?
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Well I can't say what they are normally around here but just today I found my very first true ones and they were an amazing $1.19lb, but I know that is not a normal price from what I have read.
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We usually pay .99 on sale, but lately there have been some for .87 on sale. These are bone-in, but the bone is very small and pulls right out when smoked.
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Fom now to summer around here they'll be .99 -1.19 a pound on sale someplace. Come summer if you can find one it will be closer to 2 bucks.
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I buy them buy the case and usually pay around a buck a pound
doesnt usually vary more than a few cents one way or the other
usually get about 12 to a case, 2 per cyrovac and usually around 70# per case
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I pay $1.19 lb from my local butcher (fresh cuts)
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a $1.19 here in wyoming when on sale. and they always go on sale
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I just did a large BBQ for church and had to really shop around b/c every place wanted over $2 a pound!icon_eek.gif! I ended up at Sam's Club with a case price of $1.02 per pound.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. Normally I wait for a sale of around .99 a pound or so and it can usually be had.

Mr. Mac, I agree with you...He is risen indeed!
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On sale at a local Ingles for $0.88 per lb here in North GA.
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Around SE Michigan.

Kroger: .99 (sale w/card) up to 2.19, averaging 1.59 lb. on any given day
Meijer: Always 1.59 or more, I've never seen it cheaper there.

Other grocers and butchers range from 1.19 (sale days) to 2.59/lb with the average price being about 1.59/lb.
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90 - 94 cents per lbs is pretty much the usual where I get them from.
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$.99/lb in NJ
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i haven't paid over a buck/lb in quite some time..........last sale was $.78.
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.79 at local butcher store
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I only do bone in butts

At a local butcher shop who raises their own pigs, and slaughters the meat to order $2.09 to $2.19 lb. Freshest, and nicest butts I have worked with. I buy these for special smokes(b-days, small parties, etc).

At some grocers on my way home - $.99 to $1.19 lb. good meat, and the price is right(I use these for larger parties, and just the regular weekend smoke)

I dont buy the injected "enhanced" pork, but I see it for well under $1.00 lb.

I dont like to pay for water/saline, and I want to be the one injecting my butts with my injection.
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.99 a lb is about tops what i pay for butts . Twin cryovac pkg.
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I am able to get them for .99 per lb but that is usually win packs, non-enhanced. I have a single I got for .88 biut it says "up to 12% solution may be added..."
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In Portland, OR Safeway has bone in shoulder (AKA - butt's) for 0.99 per lb. if you get it in the bag (might have to ask the meat guy for a bagged one).
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In northeast Florida I can get bone in butts from anywhere from .88 lb to 1.38lb depending on where you buy you but them. The prices I quoted was resturant depot and sam's warehouse.
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I just paid $1.29 per lb in Des Moines. They were on sale from $1.89. Bone-in Boston Butts
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