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Smoked chicken never got to 180 temp.

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I have a New Braunfels Bandera smoker. The other day I bought a digital thermometer that sets to well done, 180 f, for chicken. The chicken never got to temp. It got close, 175, and I smoked this thing for 4 hours. The smoker temp stayed around 225. It tasted great, I'm just wondering if I should get another smoker. I was thinking about it anyway.
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I don't think your smoker is the problem, 170 is where a chicken should be pulled anyways. Aside from that, it's nice having more than one smoker! icon_wink.gif
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I saw a thermometer the other day at Bass Pro.... had red bar for rare... green bar for medium and a yellow bar for well. No temps.. just color. Know your smokin temps and go by numbers. Don't let someone else decide what is done and what isn't done.
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My first question for you Jsanders is have you tested your thermometer yet.??? Then next is are you going by the thermometer on the smoker??? It might be your meter and not your smoker. I have a bandera and I can get it up as high as I want it to be.
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175 was a fine temp but how big was your bird?
They usually come to temp in about 3 hours but that is only a guidline, I have done birds that come to temp in 2.5 hours and a few that ran me close to 5 hours so you just never know.
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i like the old college spirit.....
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From my experience, chicken is best smoked at a higher temp. Can you get your smoker above 225?... I would suggest trying that... 275 is all I can get on my MES and I typically do chickens @ 250... Skin is like rubber at lower temps, but I take it off anyway. Good Luck!
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Love Chicken

I see you have a weber. Have you tried taking it out of the smoker an toasting it on the grill to take care of the skin?
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I know a few folks, myself included who would be more than willing to take that Bandera off of your hands.biggrin.gif 165 degrees in the breast is plenty for a yardbird. By chance have you checked your therm for accuracy?
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College spirit! funny. No you can't have Tony ... Bandera...get it? I need to check the thermometer but I think its close. There was a good bit of red close to the bone. I've cooked on tony for 5 years and just decided to get the thermometer.....I guess when you look at it that way it really doesn't matter.

Don't over engineer it huh, It's BBQ!
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