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smoked chili meat

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Ok Gang I tried something a little out of the box(for me anyway) today.
The Day after Thanksgiving at work we always have a lotta beef cuts that need to be pulled from the meat cases. Mainly because everyone wants turkey, not much beef. We still have to have our cases looking full and pretty so that results in lots of pulls.
Ok now on to the new idea...Kyle(a meat cutter at work) and I were talking about all the pulls and came up with this...

We took approx. 30 pounds of various beef cuts and approx. 10 pounds of pork pulls and ground them through a 3/8" grinder plate in our small Hobart grinder.

Since my racks for my smoker are small wire mesh, the 3/8" coarse grind doesn't fall through,allowing me to break it up and spread it out on them for smoking burger mixes for things like chili, sloppy joes, tacos,ect...

Now I must explain that I LIKE THICK & CHUNKY CHILI ect. So if you don't like your meat hearty style this probably wont be for you. This was only 14 pounds of what we made, Kyle took 5 pounds and the rest we put into the freezer till I tried this to see if it would work.

So into the smoker @ 160* for 2hours with hickory chips and oak chunks for flavor. I think its probably best to use stronger wood flavor for this since you want the flavor to spread throughout the entire pot of chili, or sloppy joes... what I'm making.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Now after coming out of the smoker the meat still needs to be cooked the rest of the way. Sorry these next 3 pics were taken with my cell phone outside.

So into the kitchen and onto the stovetop.

I chopped some onions and added them to the meat and finished the mix to be sure it was brought over the 140* danger zone before 4 hours was up. Then I added some cans of manwich to make what I hope is an awesome pot of sloppy joes.

I'll fill you in on what the family thinks tonight...
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Small grinder? Ha! That thing is nice, I like the hotel pan sized tray it has on top.
Do you remove that and fill with meat then place back onto the top of the grinder or do you dump the meat into it?
My Brother asks me all the time about making smoked chili and this seems like a great way of doing it. If yours turns out successful (looks like it will) then this will bump up to the top of my list of things to smoke.
Did I notice beans in the chili? Something I make a point to never add to my chili, all meat baby!
Looking forward to the final verdict on this one.
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That looks awesome!!! Points for the idea! I love me a sloppy joe sammie biggrin.gif
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Oh yeah Baby!! That grinder is a beast for a table top model! Yep the tray comes off so it can be loaded real high with all kinds of goodies.

Actually I made sloppy joes today,I'll have to update this when I make chili with it. But I can tell you the kids both said "OMG it smells sooo gooood in here" when they got home from school.biggrin.gif
It just warms my heart that they like my cooking!tongue.gif
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Not a good time to read that update as my stomach is growling ... great the family gave a thumbs up. Hope the chili turns out just as well!
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points.gifYou knocked that clean out of the park SOB.

Cant wait for the taste test.....
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AWESOME idea for sure there SOB. I like the smoked meat in the chili and those smoked sloppy joe's are to die for. points.gif
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Well the votes are in!!Heres the Plate of SOB's Smokey Joes....

also made some awesome Guacamole Salsa with some white corn
tortilla chips.
The little SOBs completely agreed!!!Thumbs UP!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Mrs SOB didnt have to much to say...cause her mouth was full of
Smokey Joes!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The acronym for your user id just cracks me up (along with "the little SOBs"...LOL.

Man that was awesome and a great idea. Love the coarse grind and "chunky" style smokey joes. That gets some points for sure! points.gif
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I like that...good idea. I just might put this on the to do list next time i make sausage and have some left.
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Ahhhh Yeaahhhhhh This will be on my list of things to do very soon!!!!!!
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very nice points.gif
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Dang it! You beat me to it. I've got a couple of lbs of course ground ground beef in the freezer that I was going to smoke to make smoked chili with.

Your's looks great!

"The Little SOBs"
HAHAHA I've got a couple of little SOBs myself. icon_redface.gif
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WOW, GPDT_Armataz_01_37.gifreat Idea and it looks like it was a big success...
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Thanks yount.....

Quote "HAHAHA I've got a couple of little SOBs myself."

Dude! Honest I swear! I haven't even been to Iowa to sow some of my SOBs seeds!icon_mrgreen.gif
post #16 of 19 THAT's what I call a sloppy joe! Thanks for the idea!!
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Really cool idea! I am going to have to try this for myself!

Nice job!
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A work of beauty.

I'm going to make smoked chili this very day.

You sir, are an inspiration. :)
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excellent idea and the finsihed product looks great ~ love the grinder ~

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