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Hard Boiled egg Fattie

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Has anyone tried and had luck in doing hard boiled eggs

Wrap Hard boiled egg in sausage wrap in bacon then smoke
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I know someone did Scotch Eggs which is a boiled egg wrapped in sausage then I think breaded and fried in oil.
I'm sure someone will come along who has done boiled eggs in a fattie before but not sure if I have actually seen the sausage around an egg wrapped in bacon.
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that sounds like a good idea for a fattie.

I did what I called "breakfast baseballs" on this thread. Pretty darn good:
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I've done it before..... Trim the ends off the hard-boiled eggs so that they butt together flat & make a long egg tube insert, if that makes any sense?

Jim, your breakfast baseballs look mighty tasty! That's now on the "to do" list.
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Yes it does make sense for a lenghtwise fattie.
I was thinking like meatballs shape, not sure if that qualifies as a fattie, but I like your idea, that way I can snack on the bits of egg I chop off
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put them in smoked meatloafbiggrin.gif
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Yes sir I have heard of them now I have smoked eggs and I have smoked sausage but I have never smoked boiled eggs and sausage.
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oh yeah they are kicka**.

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Mork kicked it up several notches... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Bacon Wrapped & then Filo dough?.... A work of ART right there icon_mrgreen.gif
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ok I want a step by step tutorial on that pic!
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