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New to me Slicer

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Here it is, just sharpened it and cut some summer sausage, pepperoni and a Ham

Updated Photos

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Saw some pics but didn't notice any of your sliced meat.
Congrats on the new slicer, where abouts in Philly are you?
Spent lots of time there when I was younger and still venture up that way for good concerts/shows/Lebowskifest.
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Yes your pic didn't come out on my computer either.

Fire it Up..... you clicked the link in SQWIB's signature. tongue.gif
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Northeast Philly,
Next slicing I'll get some pics.
It does a good job, no problem getting near paper thin slices.
There is a nick in the blade that I have been working out, but as long as its slicing so well I don't want to take the blade down too much, after all the slicer is probably older than!
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Click Free viewing

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Thanks Flatbroke, how did you get the pics to show?
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I just opened the links that you posted, right clicked each picture and copied then pasted in a reply window.
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Nice slicer. Did you have to give much for it?
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Got it for FREE
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Nice Slicer....
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cool----slice that smoked rump thin
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Nice slicer for sure and the price is really nice. It will probally out last you cause the things are that old were really made to last and just keep on going an going and going.
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good lord.....they don't make 'em like that anymore!
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Great slicer! Better price...
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