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Cold Smoke Mod

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Entire assembly, Propane tank, soda can, wire hanger , hinge, locking clasp inlet connection, hose seal, valve, airline and air pump.

Hopefully the idea behind the soda can will make changing out chips easy, This way I can start one, pop the old one out and drop the new one in.

Now I am looking to get some gas line flex tubing and pipe it in to the smoker.
For more pics on this, go to my webshots link below and go to "Smoking"
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Noticed you went to Echo Valley Camp ground. SCAREY SCAREY SCAREY!!!!!!!
I live about 8 miles south from there. I was never in that campground, and now I know why. It looks like the middle of a Schuylkill County coal mine, complete with the electrical connections. Used to run Bloodhounds for the State Police up in that area, there are a lot of poor desperate people up that way. If you like to go fishin for croakers try Taylors Island Family Campgrounds in June/July Great fishin for the kids, and campground and fishin license prices are real reasonable.
Oh yea and by the way You got a nice slicer there. I am lookin for a small commercial slicer.
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Echo Valley Nightmare

Heres my review on the PUX forumif you are interested.

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