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Neighbors didn't get the

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I thought it was
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Too Funny

LMAO.....I need to go find the redneck deer and save them both...
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funny to meicon_redface.gif
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That is pretty funny
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I'm having trouble typing that made me laugh so hard!!!

That would make a great picture for a Christmas card.
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I dam sure thinke it's funny!!!!!!!!!biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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I say your neighbor is nuts! That is fricken funny shiz!
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I have a good redneck one... You might have seen it already but I thought I would post it!

I got a kick out of it!
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Those are some quality uses of Christmas lights.
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I thought this one was also a dandy.
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I dont care who ya are thats funny.
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Yup thats really funny.... and god bless Sue Salah for her sense of humor. Damm thats really funny. I wonder how many cars screeched to a stop and the driver ran over to help? Probably not funny to the 911 operators.
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Tinkle, tinkle -oops- I mean
TWINKLE, TWINKLE little lites,
I think this pic is a great delight,
It's too bad your neigbours are wound so tight!

. . . . LMBO
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Have you seen the "DITTO" one?

Pretty much a picture of one house with tons of decorations on it...and the neighbor simply puts a simple "DITTO" light sign on his house with an arrow pointing to his neighbors elaborately decorated house.

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those are awesome....lmao !!!
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Beer bottle tree

Electro Xmas

6 kegs of Christmas

Redneck Grillin

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That is hilarious! love the redneck deer and the "lightman" too!
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