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Liver Sausages

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ok this long weekend i decided to make some liver sausages with both good and bad results
the first was Braunschweiger it looked great and smelled great it even tasted great except it did not set up for some reason it just would not hold together and when you tried to slice it it would just squish out of the casing i used Len Poli's Recipe and have done this before with great results not sure what happened
i also made some Boudin after listen to you guys rave about it i decided to give it a try i really enjoyed this sausage it is pretty good stuff i used cajunsmoke 13 recipe i have never had anything like this before i also goofed up a bit on making this sausage i put the green onion and parsley into the pot with the other veggies when i boiled the liver and pork i still think it tasted great here is a pic of the boudin

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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice job on that sausage.
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The boudin looks good, it's on my list of sausages to try soon.
I was thinking of making a liverwurst and would like to hear more about the one you made. when you said it squished out of the casing do you mean after it cooled? did ya poach it? and what did ya use for liver? beef is all i can get here.
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i used Len poli's recipe for liverwurst i have made this before and it was great i did not poach this sausage i smoked it until it reached a temp of 152 and pulled out of the smoker and cooled by cold water bath the color was great i think it should have firmed up more then it did it has in the past its a great recipe i used pig liver we butchered 3 pigs a week ago i will try this again in the future
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thanks SC, I'll have to see if I can find some pigs liver around town.
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