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Grilling Temp Issues

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Hi. Help!! I just took my first shot at smoking a boston butt. I couldnt seem to get the smoker hot enough... The charcoal pan was full of glowing embers and smoke billowing from the wood. However, the temp stayed around 160 degrees - obviously not hot enough to cook. I dont know what I am doing wrong. Any thoughts or tips to burning a hot fire. I have a vertical smoker for home use - not a large unit.

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Did you have your bottom vent open so the coals could breath? It's really hard to say without seeing or more info on you specific setup! Hang in there I'm sure someone will chime in with some more info for ya!
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We need more info ! kind of smoker would be a plus
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what kind of wood were you using???
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Waaaa :(

sorry to hear of the demise of you smoker and wish you the best of luck on your new one! Keep on smokin' :)!PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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Sometimes the problem is that the charcoal needs a well vented basket set a little up off the floor of the firebox for the coals to get enough air circulation. The ashes form and then create a blanket keeping out air and insulating the heat from the smoker compartment. I solved that issue in my charcoal burner with a wok similar to this one. I welded spacers on the bottom to keep the wok 2 inches up off the firebox floor. the briquettes burn faster and disappear a little quicker but you get plenty of heat out of them.
You tap on the wok every once in a while to let the ashes sift thru the holes and away from the coals.

You can also make a really good one out of expanded metal .

It is helpful to us when answering questions like this one if you've listed your smokers in your signature. For exampl as I have in my signature. That way we know right away what kind of smoker you have and will have a better idea how best to help you.
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Thanks for everyones comments! After some additional research i think GnuBee has the right idea to fix my heat problem. I will try that recommendation and let you know how it goes...

Thanks again,
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