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First butt done

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Just took my first butt off the smoker. Slathered it in mustard then rubbed it with Jeff's rub and sprinkled some crushed red pepper flakes on as well. Let it sit over night in the fridge then put it on first thing this morning. I used apple chips, then after a few hours i started spritzing with a mixture of apple cider, captain morgan rum, brown sugar, and grade b maple syrup I made at work last year(we make syrup every year at work, its a blast). I had to mix those all together in a sauce pan, prior to being able to spritz them, and heat them up to dissolve the sugar and thin out the syrup so that I could apply it with a spray bottle.
The butt is wrapped in foil now while I wait for my wife's beer butt chicken thats on the grill to finish!!
I have pics but am having trouble loading them, ill keep working on thaticon_mad.gif
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Everything sound really good and all but you know if there's no Qview it didn't happen. Butt you are talking a good game so get to the Qview and make happen for the pionts. Cause after all:
We are the kids and you have the candy
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HAHA, well it seems all of my pics exceed the forums limit, so I'm not quite sure how to solve that proplemicon_confused.gif
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Sounds like it's ready for sampling, I'll be your guiny pig...! Would love to see some q-views of the butt. If you have an photo software or image viewing software you can resize the images to your liking, I use photoshop but there are many different kinds of software that will allow you to resize. You can always go to the Adobe website and download the trial version of Photoshop and use it to resize. Or you can go to and search for some photo or image manipulating software, some of them are the full versions! Check it out, looking forward to the final Q!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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How to post Qview to Forum:

For Step By Step Instructions On Posting Qview Check Out This Tutorial
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You can open a free account with Photobucket and just use the img tags to post.
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