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Different Fatty

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This was a good day to make this. I used hamburger stuffed with cheddar and italian cheese,horseradish,mustard and dill pickle spears. I then wrapped it in turkey sausage. I ran out of coals and am watching my sick dog that I took to the vet this morning so I just did the oven method. So I guess this will be a oview.

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Ok lets get this straight it's a fattie with turkey sausage and some cheeses and pickles. Is your wife pregant or something. Just the combination thats all. But the fifnish product does look yummy till I thought of the pickles. Ok so now lets talk about the oven thing (short on coals /sick dog) Ok you get the repreve from the smoker at least your cooking a mostly smoked product. Great job it look fabulous and it is really a differant way of doing things
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Thanks for the comps. I was hungry and dug around the fridge and thats what I came up with. Its regular beef hamburger with turkey bacon. I should keep a backup bag of coals from now on in the pantry. biggrin.gif
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Looks really great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks like you made out just fine. What did you think of end result?
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Looks great! What exactly is "Italian cheese"? Is that Provolone?

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The Italian cheese was a shredded mixture from the store, not high grade. I would use less lean hamburger next time, it could have used more fat content. Other than that not to bad. I was up all night so just wanted food. biggrin.gif
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