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1st rib eye

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Hey all thanks again for the advice. Just saved 31.00 on a 7lb rib eye. Getting the Electric smoker started... its about 32 out right now..... i have the smoker wraped in an old blanket. Gave the cow a salt and pepper rubdown..keeping it simple.... qview to follow.
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Good luck, I'm sure it will turn out great!
32 out? How high up is Flagstaff?
Always thought it was neat in AZ where it was somewhat warm out but you could look up and see snow on the mountains. And the white walls of rain you could watch coming at you.
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thats a chunk of savings. looking forward to seeing the end result.
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It sounds like a good deal for sure. I like that you are using the simple appoarch to let the meat speak fot itself. You won't be surprised. I cann't wait for the Qview.
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