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corned beef/pastrami

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Can someone explain the difference between corned beef and pastrami?
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Corned beef is a cured brisket and is simmered.

Pastramie is a cured brisket that is smoked. And spices added.
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The difference is the smoke.

All pastrami is is smoked corned beef brisket, whether it's dry cured or wet brined.
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I can't add much to what has already been said, except the pastrami traditionally has corriander and course black pepper packed/rubbed on the outside before smoking. Of course there are hundreds of different rubs that people enjoy.
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The Rub

1/3 cup Ground Course Black Pepper

1/4 cup coriander

* 1/3 cup juniper berries (crushed)ยท

again Juniper berries are optional but I think it adds a wonderful flavor.

Smoked to 140 and sprayed with 50/50 apple juice and Capt. Morgan once an hour. Cooked to an internal of 160.

I have done this added to store bought corned beef trimed of fat and smoked several times and had wonderful results. I did leave out the juni[er berries also. My wife is not a big fan of smoked items but has NO problem eating this each time I prepare it.
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What they all said. The only thing I can add is You can make pastrami out of a stire bought corned beef all you have to do soak it in cold water to remove any excess salt. Then just rub it with cbp an some coriander then some juniper berries and then smoked and then you have some really good sammie meat for sure.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Guess I'll toss in my bit of info.
My understanding is that corned beef is the brisket once it has been cured, as soon as you season it and add smoke it becomes pastrami.
The term "corned" comes from the salt used, hard grains of salt are referred to as corns.
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