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dogs and charcoal

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This is sorta off topic, but since I seem so many pics with canines in them, it seems fitting...

Our dog loves to clean up any broken pieces of charcoal she fines on the patio. Not ones that have been in the drum and might have meat drippings on them, but fresh-out-of-the-bag briquettes. Is this normal for dogs, or is ours just odd?
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Your dog is weird, but then, so is mine since she does the same thing!

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Wait till he get hold of a hot one!
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my beagel eats the ones out of the UDS and wood chucks out of the GOSM. Then procedes to throw it all up on the carpet within the hour!
I have to walk the charcoal out to the woods (outside the invisible fence) to get rid of it.
My Sheltie looks at her and just shakes her head.
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kewl view of your dog PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My Sheppard/wolf doesn't mess with charcoal, she likes to take my wood chunks and bury them or chew on them. I guess it is time to get her some bones....
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I guess I'm the lucky one here my dog doesn't like charcaol or chips at all. She just like to hang out around the smoker with me.
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Look at it this way your dog could be eating it's own poop!
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Charcoal settles their stomachs. My dogs put their faces in my ash can under the Weber and blow messes everywhere.

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Mine does the same thing - little bits of lump....
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I can't advise you

Because along with charcoal, with or with out grease drippings My dog eats rocks, cherry pits, grass by the baleful, anything dropped on the floor, all her brothers treats have to be given to him while she is outside or he doesn't get any. I fear she is part piggy. I had to trim my fruit trees and grapes higher than a Shiz Tsu can reach. She ate all the beet tops off my plants when they first came up so they all died, she loves tomatos. She is not fond of dog food but when everything else is gone she will eat it.

She is especially fond of ripping to shreds any christmas present left unattended under the tree. I now have a 1 foot fence surrounding our tree each year that we call the Dingo fence.
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My Cocker Spaniel thinks our Cats are Squeaky Chew Toys, Does that count? icon_mrgreen.gif
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I wish Grace would. I mean, I love cats...they taste like chicken! icon_wink.gif
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Shame on you...LOL

The cats edge her on, it seems they start around 5:00am...
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icon_redface.gifShe does that too. And she used to "clean" the cat's litter box before the cat moved out. I guess we've failed as doggy parents...

Thankfully she doesn't deposit the meal back on the carpet later. I try to keep the charcoal cleaned up so she cant' get enough to make her sick. So far it has seemed to work out that way.
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We call those poopsicles up here in the winter...icon_rolleyes.gif
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