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Sweet Garlic & Pepper Chicken Sausage Kind of!!

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After reading luvforsmokes post about his chicken sausage, I made a version of his recipe. Only used 2 lbs of chiken thighs and used 3 lbs of pork. Also used fresh basil and some fresh frozen green peppers otherwise it was his recipe. I stuffed in casings (the 2 long ones in the Bradley. The rest are deer salami) So here are the pics before they are done in the smoker and after done the chix/pork one sliced. It is good!


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Man that looks good....Nice looking shop as well
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Looks very good !!!

What is the unit you have wired in on top of your Bradley?
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That looks real good MRH.
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Now thats some good looking sausage and salami too. That chicken sausage looks awful red but it's the pork. I like the cheese and jalapeno and the fresh herbs in the sausage. Great job MarkPDT_Armataz_01_37.gifWhat temp were you smoking the sausage at???
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Great Looking Sausage...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very impressive job.....points.gif
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It is a PID controller I put together. It hooks to a thermocouple and controls the temperature of the smoker. It works very well and usually holds the temp within +/- a couple degrees of what is set once it is up to temp.

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WOW!!! What a guy misses when he's gone a couple days......

That does look mighty tasty! Glad you like it, Mark!

It sure is a great way to use up chicken.

Keep that grinder, stuffer & smoker happy! points.gif

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