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I need idea's on building my smoker

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I am brain storming ideas on how I am going to make my new smoker. I found a huge wood crate from work that is about 8ft tall by 3.5ft deep and 3.5ft wide. So its decent size about the same dimensions as an out house. My plan was to insulate the inside and then line it with tin. I was also going to have the smoke box in the bottom of the smoker and put some type of barrier with vents so I can regulate the heat/smoke going into the smoke chamber. Just looking for any suggestions on how to set up my vents going into the smoke chamber and any other vents I may need. I have also not decided if I will run this off of a propane burner or a hot plate. Any idea's and Picture that you would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.
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Any pics of the box? If it's fairly thick wood and sealed tight, you may not have to insulate it. Get some pics and show us what you have to work with.
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Pic of the box

Here is a picture of the crate I have to make into a smoker. I think the walls are a little thin so I will probably want to insulate it.
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Wood itself is fairly good at insulating. You could get by with just a sheet metal skin applied over the wood, leaving an airspace inbetween the metal and the wood. The wood and the airspace would give you good heat retaining qualities. If you want to insulate, household insulation gets it r-value based on its thickness and I would only add 1 inch of insulation to your smoker, but if you were to squish regular insulation down to fit, you defeat its purpose. A few members on here have used ceramic wool, the same stuff they use to insulate kilns. 1" thick rated for I believe 1200 degrees and can be found on ebay. It cost's more than household insulation, but it would sure do the trick. I would not use any foam board in that. This would for sure make a great smoker. If you are going to keep it outside, I would give that osb board a couple coalts of thompsons to seal it or some elsomeric paint. Get it wet and over time, that stuff will separate. I would definately pursue this build and keep us updated with some pics. Try using photobucket to upload your pics. Very easy to do and you can post larger photos. Others will chime in with their advice so take your time with this one. Thats the great thing about this place. Lots of know how and ever more great ideas.
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My plans were to use styrofoam insulation between the wood and tin. Just curious Meat Hunter why you said not to use it? I was also planing on putting treated rough cut wood on the outside and a steel roof so it can sit outside.
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You would need to seal off the smoker from that wood. It is OSB which is put together with glue and other chemicals. If you wanted to just build one like it with actual PLY wood it wouldn't need sealed off. Here is a link to one I did. Not the best but it will work till next year when I get to build my metal smoker. If I can help at all feel free to pm me. I will try to keep track of your progress as well.

and this one you can see the inside of the smoker. I was useing my smoke daddy for this smoke. But I also have a cast iron pan I put wood chips on as well.
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Venting suggestions needed

I kind of have my set up figured out but I am looking for idea's or suggestions on how I should set up the venting in this unit. Should I just have one on the bottom and one on the top or should I have multiple on the bottom and top that can be opened and closed depending on the weather/wind etc.
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Got1's right, I didn't even think of it. That osb is held together with glues. You would not want the higher temps of your smoker releasing any fumes onto any items that you are smoking. I knew someone built one recently with wood, I just could not remember who it was. It was Got14U. As far as the styrofoam, same thing. I would be leary of it leaching out any fumes or melting. Treated wood on the outside I think would be just fine, along with a metal roof. Would last for many many years. But like Got1's said, that interieor should be sealed off from the osb board and if you were to line it with sheets of plywood, I think the combined thickness of the wood would give you ample insulation. I seen one on this site I beleive a long time ago, before we had our server crash. It was made from thick tounge and groove boards. Very very nice looking. As far as your venting goes, one on the top and a draft on the bottom is all you need. 4-5" chimney on top and something of comparable size that is adjustable for your draft.
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Does anyone see any issues with putting styrofoam in the smoker if it is place between the wood and the tin I am going to install. The smoking chamber will be totally tin.
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I would just check the melt temp or combustion temp for said foam...the mes is full of it. so I'm sure you could..I'm just not familiar with what types there are.
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Smoker update

Well just a quick update on the smoker. I have it all framed in and started on the insulation. I went with styrofoam with the foil on one side to hopefully help from getting to hot if it should ever get that hot (Which it shouldn't) There is tin that will be going over this as well so there shouldn't be an issue with heat. I still have not decided what I am going to do with the bottom of the smoker. Should I seal off the smoking chamber from the rest of the smoker or should I open the bottom up by cutting a hole and placing it on bricks and just put a metal plate above my flame to deflect some of the heat. I am having trouble attaching my pictures hopefully I can get them on here soon.
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Smoker Pictures

Well we will see if this works on photobucket. There are some pics of the smoker in progress.
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Glad to hear your project is coming along, you have been sitting on that box a while.....

Looking forward to your trial run and first smoke with it !!!
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Yea MossyMo I have sure have been putting this project off. I had to start a new thread because none of the links seem to work any more in the thread I started way back when. There are links to pictures and stuff but when you click on them they don't go anywhere. Figured I would start over.
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Smoke stack or not?

Do you guys think I need to put a smoke stack on the top of my smoker if I already have some type of dampers on the bottom and top. I don't think so but one guy was trying to tell me a smoke stack type would be better.
My plan was to put two dampers of some sort on the bottom and two on the top. I figure I will only use one on the bottom and one on the top and leave the other two closed but they are there if I need to open them.
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You should be fine with that. More then likely you would want the 2 opposite of each other in use. So it the bttm left one is open the I would open the top right one. I would think in theory that that would help move the smoke across the smoker instead of straight up and out.
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