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My Contribution Cured Boneless Turkey Breast W/Qview

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It all started here 2 days ago.

This was a score I had in the freezer. I was charged the bone in price even though my friend boned and tied it for me.

Cured with TQ and brown sugar and pepper corns for 24 hours. Then soaked in cold water in the fridge this am.

Put some Youshida's, garlic and lemon pepper.

Injected with 2/3 cups of chicken stock and butter.

I made a quick glaze by reducing these.

Just glazed the breast at 135'.

It is going a lot slower than my last one. 30' to go. Guess we will be eating later than I thought. And I hope I don't get a plateau or my ass will be grass.

More to come.
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The bird (well kinda) looks good so far I hope it get done in time for you Ron. I will be looking forward to the results.
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Hey Ron
Nice looking prep. Looking forward to hearing the gory details
Happy Thanksgiving
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Well they are gory, it took over 6 hours and Carol got tired of waiting so she had some dressing and biscuits.I can't blame her. I will reheat and do the meal tomorow with the meal as planed.
Happy Thanksgiving back at you.

I will post the rest of the Qview then.
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Here is my dinner tonight.

Oh well **** happens. Will pos the real deal tomorrow.
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That picture actually made me laugh out loud. And I thought my Thanksgiving day White Castle Burger was bad.

Still............................................. .................................

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And Iwas dissing you for White Castle , they were sure better than mine.
I owe you one buddy.

Time for bed here.
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I guess you'll just have to be Thankful today instead of yesterday.
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C'mon Ron, we are counting on you! Thanks for all the help you've given me in the past.

Speaking of gory, I had more smoke in the house yesterday than in the smoker. The tin tray I put the stuffing in musta had a pinhole somewhere and it was too late when I saw smoke coming out of the top of the range. I just got the range last year and it replaced an old Universal brand from the 40's or 50's and the new one doesn't use a ventpipe to the chimney anymore. Appears the liquids dripped to the oven floor and went ablaze. Had the windows & doors wide open in 40 degree weather for an hour. The pumpkin pie tastes like smoked pumpkin pie.

Oh, them's some nice biscuits you got there Ron!
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Sorry to hear your Thanksgiving dinner fizzled, but you'll enjoy it today!

Nice looking glaze, too. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Bummer about the timing. Looks like it was gonna taste great. Does this mean Carol will be taking on the cooking for Christmas?
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Good Lord.... kick a man when he's down! Waahaaa!
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UHH, No. She makes a mean hot dog though.icon_wink.gifbiggrin.gif

She couldn't wait until tonight so she had a plate for lunch.

The dinner that was to be was sweet potato, dressing, cauliflower, hot bisquits, and gravy.

Instead she wanted this for lunch. So much for Thanksgiving dinner.

She didn't even need a knife and said it was very moist with out gravy. Can you tell she likes CBP?

Oh well, lesson learned.
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Glad it all worked out and the marriage is in tact. Nice results!

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I'm with her- can't have too much CBP! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Tomorrows dinner will get you out of the doghouse.
You'll be her chef of the year again!

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Well here is tonight's Thanksgiving dinner.



I couldn't let Dave beat me out with those puny White Castle burgers.tongue.gif

Double cheese burger for a buck. Looks kinda sick, but thats what she wanted, so I picked one up fro her.icon_wink.gif
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Can't go wrong with the BK double....

I'm kinda surprised you didn't pull it and finish in the oven...
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I gotta give ya some points just for keeping on......out of ALL your successes it's to bad this happened on turkey day.points.gif
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