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Welcome aboard, Pontiac! Glad you joined us.
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Okay, so here's some photos of the equipment.
The cart really works sweet for the smoker, ..., Just wheel it out, plug it in & I'm ready to go. And it rolls pretty easily on the caster & wheels.

The charcoal grill doesn't get used as much as it should. It's a cheap Royal Oak nameplate unit. I'd guess it was probably made overseas somewhere. Don't really know. Works fine when I use it tho.

The gas grill gets used every few days. It's been pretty damn handy & good to me so far. I'm one of them that can go thru a standard cheap gas grill every couple years, so this is a nice unit. Cost me a bit more but I've used it for about two years now with no issues. I can't even tell ya who makes it for sure. I'd have to clean the 8" of snow we just got off of it! (Yea, I was too late to get it covered before it started snowing.)
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Is that a Smokin Tex unit? Looks like one from the pics - great idea on the cart -
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Yea it is. I've had it for quite a few years now. I'd have to go look at the tag to see if there's any reference to the year built.

The cart was pretty 'cheap'. The outside liner material is leftover stuff from an RV manufacturer in Iowa. It was pretty much 'free'.
The wheels I bought, the handles I bought. The lumber was cheap.

And it's just the right workin' height now!
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