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Happy Thanksgiving all

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Hope you're all enjoying a fine time with your famillies & friends.

I think we screwed up over here embracing your style of Halloween instead of Thanksgiving - a festival to be proud of.

We'll be having Turkey at the weekend in tribute icon_wink.gif
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HappyThanksgiving to a great group of folks. Enjoy time with family and friends, God bless each and every one of you.
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I hope everyone has a great day and remembers what they are Thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.
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Hands down when your older thanksgiving is the best.

Thanks for the tribute and have a fine smoke.
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Happy Thanksgiving to all members!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you very much Rod! Warm and sincere well-wishes to everyone here at the SMF from me and my wife.

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Well thank you rob and I wish you were here to help celibrate this holiday. But to all the members her we wish you a great holiday and give thanks for all that we have and remember how we got here too. And thank a soldier the next time you see one.
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Turkey day

Turkey day is winding down but carry the spirit of thanksgiving all year long and I guarantee the greatest country in the world will get a little bit better.God bless
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