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Black SATURDAY Deal on LEM Slicer

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Just saw the ad for Sheels Sporting Goods. They're selling the LEM Electric Meat Slicer for $49.99 (normally $79.99) between 8am and 10am only on Saturday.

Just letting you all know.

Happy Thanksgiving all.
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Bass pro is 69.00 wife told me about it. regulary 119.00
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are you guys talking about this slicer? If so is it any good?
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I know nothing about them, but LEM always has decent stuff and for that price,,

Mom asked me if I would like to have one,,, Of course I said YES
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Looks like the same one in the link. Can anyone tell me if it's worth a crap?
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Kalorik Slicer

Best deal that I found was a Kalorik 7.5 inch serrated blade and 200 watt motor. This one the Chinese Co.'s that make most of the slicers. I ordered it from It was 72.95. I googled for a sales store coupon and was able to get 8.88 off. I went with this because of the larger motor.
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Ok, to be more to the point. Is this something I should invest $50 bucks in? Is it worth it or not?
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are you guys talking about this slicer? If so is it any good?

That is exactly the same slicer as my Waring Pro, which has served me faithfully for at least ten years. I'd jump on a deal like that.

Here's my waring so you can compare photos
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I also have that one in the Waring Pro brand. I like it. Picked it up a few months back from Costco for $50.
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Soooo..pardon my ignorance. I know what a slicer does, but what do y'all as avid BBQers, use a slicer for so often? Brisket? Ham?

Educate me how a slicer will make my BBQing experience better. PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif

Y'all already got me with an itchy trigger finger for sausage stuff. That looks like a lot of fun! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well it's gonna be the slicer or the Hello Kitty scooter...still leaning towards the slicer. It does look a lot like the Waring, and from what I've heard LEM products are pretty good. So with any luck that'll be under the tree this year! Thanks everyone for their input.

Red Stick,
Most everyone will either pull, chop or slice their meats. Lots of great looking threads on here of people doing thin sliced roast beef. That's what I'm craving it for first. But I also love pastrami, and chicken you can slice those up nice and thin too. It'll be like making my own lunch meats.
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Here is the one I got a few months ago. It has 2 blades. Works great for slicing real thin.

It has good ratings also.
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