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Smoker is down!!!!

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Had about 15 pounds of jerky to throw in the smoker and it won't light!!! I have a Smokey Mountain gas smoker that I usually do smaller batches in and I went to light it and nothing!! Tried to blow out line and I am not getting gas to the burner. Any ideas? It has been a pretty reliable smoker til now. Don't cuss me or dis-own me guy's but it is in my two dehydraters now, have dinner in and don't have time today to mess with it! Can a person buy a new burner etc. for these smokers?
Thanks for any help! Have a great day!
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You can buy a new burner but I would start with the cheaper parts first. Have you tried a differant tank yet. If so then then maybe the line try changing that first and then go to the burner. Check out the price it might be that time for a new smoker you know that bigger better model you have been looking for and then you can convert your old GOSM like I did into a low temp smoker for jerky and sausage and bacon and other things too. I went out and bought the Smoke Vault 24" model and it is the bomb. It smokes so good and even and it very big too.So good luck with your smoke and I;m not sure it would be a good thing if you fixed it or replaced it.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Where did you get your smoke vault? Looks like a good one. Really like yours huh? Thanks for the info!
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If it happened out of the blue - no hints previous - it could be that the safety in the regulator has shut off the gas. Did you open the gas valve prior to trying to light your smoker? If so you may have opened the gas valve too quickly. Try shutting the gas valve on the tank all the way then very slowly open the valve. Make sure the gas valve on the smoker is closed.

Not saying that is it, but has happened before.
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time for a electric smokerPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Did you figure out what the problem was yet??
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Without a whole lot to go off of, my first thought was the regulator ($12 part).
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