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Houston, I may a problem....Help

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I bought a 30" MES last weekend and seasoned it. I found out my MES runs a little hot, about 25 degrees. Anyway, this morning I fired it up to the maximum of 275 and preheated to around 300..perfect. I opened the door to put the turkey in and of course lost a lot of heat, closed the door, and now I can't it to climb back up to 275???? The bird is acting like a giant heat sink. It has climbed to about 240 on MY Maverick chamber probe but that's all I can get. Is this normal? It will take forever at this rate. I was planning on a 5-6 hour smoke. Any suggestions??
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Leave it running as hot as it will go and hopefully it will recover. A lot of smokers will drop some when you first put the meat in but should recover. Kinda watch the time and if it doesn't look like its gonna get past the 140 mark at 4 hours stick in in a 350 degree oven till it does and that should give the smoker more time to get back into the high range and you can then choose whether to stick it back in the smoker or leave it in the oven
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It is going to take a while to get the temp back up...

Remember you put a cold bird in and that also helps drop your temp...

Not sure how long it will take with the MES but someone will be along to help you that has one...
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I usually don't like razorback fans, especially after that whippin yall gave us last week, but since we're talking turkey, I'll let you slide this time. ;) jk

I have the MES as well, and yes, it does take some time to climb the temp after you put cold meat in. You may be tempted to open the door, but don't bc it will take that much longer. I always fill the water pan and I have also put a brick (broken in half so it would fit) in the bottom. It takes a little longer to preheat, but it helps to climb the temp back up after you put in cold meat. This is the main reason that I went back to charcoal...I just finished a 12# bird in 2.5 hours running about 350F. I love my MES and will still use it, but the low temp is a con.

*** I would be sure and hit it with plenty of smoke and if you get into a time crunch, finish in a hot oven.
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That's funny Nick, I'm actually a Miss. St. alumni. Graduated with a turfgrass degree. Grew up in Arkansas and love my Hogs though. Thanks for the replies. The bird is up to 120 degrees and the smoker is now close to 250 so I think I'm alright. Electric bill gonna be high because the element is running non-stop.
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Im with piney/jerry with this one too. I would let the smoker run and see what it's gonna do for the bird will be fine untill you hit that 4 hour mark some check it at about 3 hour mark and see if you need to go to the oven. It's a health thing now. I don't know about you I wouldn't want to spend my turkey day hugging the...........
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Woopigsooie, I just sent you a private message.
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I have the MES 40"
I may or may not help ya w/ your problem, We'll have to wait till Sat. night to see. GOOOOOOOOOOO TIGERS!!!
Just kidding- I have the same problem w/ mine when i load it up w/ cold meat. Time will be your friend .It will come to temp it just takes a lil longer when loaded. ( but then again , Don't we all)
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