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tonight or tomorrow

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I started brining last night at 9 and was wondering if I should smoke it tonight or tomorrow. Its a 12 pounder. I wasn't worried till I read other post saying they will break down if brined too long
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Depends what you've got in your brine. It can get mushy if you've got it real salty.

What did you use in your brine?

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There are a couple of things I would think would work. One is to take it out a wash it off and wrap in cheese cloth if you want to smoke tomorrow
The other is the bring it out of the brine and hit it with some rub and wrap it up real good to keep it from drying out
Too much brine can affect it but not knowing your mixture it is hard to say
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I used Hillbilly's brine. I should have wrote this first. I have no problem smoking tonight, just don't want it to dry out when I reheat it.
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Theres not much salt in that brine. Personally I'd pull it an rinse then put it back in the brine bucket till ya smoke it, or ya can wrap in in plastic wrap. Just keep em cold till yer ready fer em.
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so if I rinse it and put it back I can smoke it tomorrow? Sorry i'm a little slow
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What he said^^^^^ After all he's the person that came up with it. I have used it this year but I never brine for more then overnight. There's isn't that much salt in it but I would still take it out of the brine and put it back in the refrig and leave it there till you are ready to smoke it.
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Yup, just wrap it so it don't dry out on ya. I'd also lay it flat on it's back it ya can.
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The last bird I did I ended up brining it for two days by accident because things came up and I had to put the smoke off till the next day. It was excellent so I started my birds in the brine at 4:00 in the am after I got home from work. I only used a quarter cup of Kosher salt because the birds already had some salt solution. Hope I didn't screw up starting too early.
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I have taken the bird out of Travcoman's brine and rinsed it well and then wrapped in in cellophane and put it back into the fridge overnight and it worked fine
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