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MES for sale Black Friday at Bass Pro Shop

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Not sure who may or may not know about the Bass Pro Shop Black Friday deal on a MES, but it will be on sale from 229 to 129!

Check out the ad:

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MES sale

That is a good deal. I thought I got a good price at Cabelas a few months ago at $170.

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That's what I've got & really like it. Going on 2 years now, with 2 re-wire jobs on the heating element posts. But still love it & lots of great food has been through it. Great Deal PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Is that for a 30 or 40"?
If a 40 that is a great deal! Wish I lived near a B&P shop, would grab a 40" for that in a heartbeat. Unfortunately the closest one to me is in Baltimore MD, a 2 hour drive.
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It's the 30 in. Still not a bad deal at all.
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It is on a 5hr sale here at the Olathe Ks store... 6am-11am
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They prob won't last till 11

I don't own one but aren't these good smokers for COLD SMOKING??? ...and can't you do 'jerky' in them too???
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I saw that advertised a few days ago,& thought, if I wanted an electric smoker I would try to get one. nice price
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I doubt they have over 5 that they will sell at that price, The ad says while supplies last and no rainchecks...

They are good smokers, not sure about cold smoking, you can cold smoke in the Bradley...
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I just got home from the Auburn Hill, MI. store where I picked up two, one for me and one for my friend. I had overslept and arrived at the store a 1/2 hour after they opened but went right to the smokers and a guy was handing out tickets for them. A couple customers were there discussing the smoker with the clerk, which soon turned in to a 15 minute chat on smoking food and the MES. I mentioned this site a couple times, and some of the things I learned from everyone here regarding the MES and smoking in general so I suspect we'll see a few more new MI. faces soon.

As far as the store supply, it turns out they had almost 150 of them in stock for today, and while they weren't going fast, I did see at least 4 other people at the pick-up dock getting one. The real draw seemed to be the $9 jeans that had an almost piranha-like feeding frenzy going on around the table. I hit the line and was in and out of the place in just under an hour.
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At that price you could pick up an extra one for partsicon_mrgreen.gif
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Picked up an LEM today at Bass Pro, looks great and seems to work good. It's a little noisy but not bad. I will be trying it out next week on some jerky!!!
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I thought about it for a minute, keeping another new-in-box one in storage in my spare room. icon_cool.gif
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Well, I hit the store at 6am and bought one. was back in my truck 10mins. later heading out to hunt.

Can't wait to season and use it.
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Wife sent me for my christmas present. Was in line at 5am for the doors to open at 6. Got number 13 out of probably 200 and they were going quick but Springfield is the flagship store. My first black friday experence was fun but crazy. Now if the wait for christmas doesn't kill me.....
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You gotta be kiddin me!!!!!! The wife is making ya wait till Christmas before using yer new smoker???? It's a "Cruel World"!!!!! lol biggrin.gif
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